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mantra stotra mantra stotra sangraha pdf mantra stotra sangraha mantra stotra mp3 download mantra stotra sangraha in kannada stotra mantra vigyan uvasaggaharam stotra mantra mp3 uvasaggaharam stotra mantra lyrics uvasaggaharam stotra mantra free download VENKATESHA STOTRAM IS FROM BRAMHANDA PURANA WHICH IS RECITED IN EVERY HOUSE WITH PIETY . EVEN IN THIS AGE OF KALI LORD IS MAKING MANY BEND TO HIS FEET WHICH IS EVIDENT BY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO VISIT THIS PLACE EVERYDAY . OUR GURU SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIJI WAS ALSO BORN AS A RESULT OF GREAT TAPASYA DONE BY THEIR PARENTS AT TIRUPATI AND NAMING THE CHILD AS VENKATNATH. VENKATNATH WENT ON TO BECOME SHRIRAGHAVENDRA TEERTHA . IT IS VERY MUCH EVIDENT THAT RECITING THIS STOTRAM WITH MEANING WILL ENSURE MOKSHA AND FULFILLMENT OF ALL WISHES . LET THIS TRANSLATION BE A SEVA TO THE FEET OF LORD AS PRESENT IN SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY **************************************************************************************** 1> THE WORD VENKATESH HAS THREE WORDS ‘VEN’ ‘KAT’ AND ‘EESH’ . ACCORDING TO THE BHAVISHYOTTAR PURANA ‘VEN’ MEANS SINS .’KAT’ MEANS BURNS UP . MADHAV WAS A VERY ELIGIBLE BRAMHIN WHO DUE TO PRARABDHA KARMA LEAVING ASIDE PARENTS AND WIFE AND HIS BRAMHIN STATUS , WENT AWAY TO LIVE WITH A CHANDAAL WOMAN AND INDULGED IN ALL KINDS OF SINS ALL THROUGH HIS LIFE .SUCH MADHAV’S SINS BURNT UP JUST BY THE MERE TOUCH OF THIS MOUNTAIN . THUS THE MOUNTAIN IS KNOWN AS ‘VENKAT’ BECAUSE IT BURNS UP THE SINS . ‘EESH’ -MEANS LORD .VISHNU WHO RESIDES AND LORDS OVER THIS MOUNTAIN IS KNOWN AS ‘VENKATESH’ ‘Vasu ‘ means one who is inside ‘ deva ‘ means one who sports . Lord resides in all of us . He sports being inside us . As lord resides in everyone . When we have extreme happiness we should owe it to God and thank . because it is He who has given us all this being in others . Similarly when we face sorrow we must think God has given us sorrow to wash off our sins . We should not hate the person who is responsible for sorrow . ‘Vasu’ means one who covers everywhere , everything . God Srinivasa covers us like a sheet and protects us from external dangers and calamities . He regulates the entire universe by being outside and inside it . Thus he is vasudev . Va means one with complete strength. ‘asu’ means one who controls everyone . ‘de ‘ means one who gives everything and ‘va’ again here means one who is present everywhere . Being present everywhere , he controls everyone and gives whatever wished for to those who pray him . Thus Srinivas is vasudev . being the son of vasudev He is also known as VASUDEV . mantra stotra sangraha pdf mantra stotra sangraha in kannada stotra sangraha sanskrit stotra sangrah in hindi stotra sangrah mp3 stotra pdf free download stotra sangraha kannada mantra sangrah in hindi sanskrit stotra pdf stotra stotra mp3 free download devi stotra ganapati stotra stotra mp3 venkatesh stotra navagraha stotra ramraksha stotra shani stotra venkatesh stotra venkatesh stotra by ms subbulakshmi download venkatesh stotra in sanskrit venkatesh stotra pdf venkatesh stotra benefits venkatesh stotra mp3 shree venkatesh stotra in marathi venkatesh stotra in marathi venkatesa suprabhatam venkatesh stotra benefits venkatesh stotra in marathi venkatesh stotra in sanskrit venkatesh stotra benefits in marathi venkatesh stotra by subbalaxmi venkatesh stotra effects venkatesh sthothra lyrics venkatesh sthothra mp3 download venkatesh stotra in sanskrit pdf