श्री साई बाबा चालीसा – Shree Sai baba Chalisa in Hindi

Shree Sai baba Chalisa

Shree Sai Chalisa1
Shree Sai baba Chalisa
Shree Sai Chalisa2
Shree Sai Chalisa3
Shree Sai Chalisa4
Shree Sai Chalisa5
Shree Sai Chalisa6
Shree Sai Chalisa7
Shree Sai Chalisa8
Shree Sai Chalisa9
Shree Sai Chalisa10
Shree Sai Chalisa11
Shree Sai Chalisa12
Shree Sai Chalisa13
Shree Sai Chalisa14
Shree Sai Chalisa15
Shree Sai Chalisa16
Aarti Shree Saibaba ji ki
Aarti Shree Saibaba ji ki

Aarti Shree Saibaba ji ki

Shree Sai aarti

A visit to Mumba Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai

A visit to Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

visits one of the twelve jyotirlings at Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nasik, Maharashtra. This temple is located at the source of Godavari river which is considered sacred within Hinduism. The extraordinary feature of the jyotirlinga located here is its three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra.

A visit to Golden Temple- Amritsar

The place which defines the purity of gold, the beauty which reflects in the water is the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Deepti Bhatnagar visits the temple and tells about the Sikh religion and Sahib. Further, she tells about Guru Nanak, Guru Granth Sahib, Akal Takth, Har Mandir Sahib, Darbar Sahib, Bir Baba Budha, Dukh Bhanjini Devi, Baba Deep Singh.

Yatra at Ashtavinayaka temples

Deepti Bhatnagar tells about the eight distinct idols of Ganesha on her Ashtavinayaka yatra. She tells about Mayureshwar Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple, Ballakeshwar Temple, Varadavinayak Temple, Chintamani Temple, Girijatmaj Temple, Vighnahar Temple and Mahaganapati Temple.

A visit at Krishna’s Brij

Deepti Bhatnagar praises Lord Krishna and speaks about Brij Bhoomi in the holy city called Vrindavan in Mathura district. She visits to Bankey Bihari temple the Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Banke means “bent” and Bihari means “enjoyer”. Further she tells about Swami Hari Das, Gowardhan Parvat, Kusum Sarovar, Mansi Ganga, Mukharvind Temple

Yatra to Omkareshwar temple

visits Omkareshwar. She tells the viewers about Narmada and Kaveri River, Maa Annapurna Temple, Rinnmukteshwar Temple, Mangleshwar Temple

Pashupatinath Temple: Lord Shiva’s own home

visits the capital and religious place of Nepal, Kathmandu. She is a true believer in God and praises Lord Vishnu. She went on to visit the holy Baneshwar temple,the Burkha Neelkanth Temple and the Mankameshwar Temple

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