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Horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar

Horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar



The cricket God, Sachin Tendulkar was born when Virgo was rising in the ascendant of vedic astrology horoscope.  Third lord Mars is exalted in fifth and in union with debilitated Jupiter.  The sixth ruler Saturn is placed in another trine in ninth.  Third and sixth lords placement in fifth and ninth respectively is extremely positive for significations of these houses.  Saturn is having its aspect on both third and sixth houses in vedic astrology horoscope of Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.  Mercury is debilitated, hence weak.  Placement of Rahu in fourth along with Moon in vedic astrology horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar has blessed him with extremely successful cricket career.  Rahu Maha dasha started from April 1996 and will remain operational till April 2014.


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Curses and boons are an integral part of mythological stories. Some popular and not so well known curses and boons are detailed. When it comes to curses, Karna from Mahabharata immediately comes to our mind. Similarly Sage Durvasa is also known to be a person, who cursed freely. But do we know, that Lord Rama and Shri Krishna were also cursed and Lakshman has to die as a consequence of a curse.  This article attempts to catalogue some famous and some unknown curses.

1. Curse on Lord Rama

Perhaps the most amazing unknown fact from The Ramayana. Tara (wife of Vali) cursed Rama so that he will soon lose Sita after he regains her. She also declared that Sita will return to the earth. This happened after Rama killed Vali when he was having a duel with Sugriva. Tara additionally cursed Rama that in his next birth, he will be killed by Vali. (Shri Krishna and the hunter).

Tara curses Lord Rama

2. Curse on Jaya and Vijaya by Sanath Kumaras

This can be regarded as the most defining curse in Hindu mythology, which resulted in birth of Ravana, Kumbhkarna, Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu took four avatars to relieve them of their curse. [complete story]

3. Curse on King Dashrath by parents of  Shravan Kumar

Parents of Shravan Kumar cursed Dashrath to suffer for his son, which came true due to boons given to Kaikeyi.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesShravan Kumar killed by Dashrath

4. Sage Gautam’s curse to Ahilya

Gautam discovered an affair between Indra and his wife. He cursed ahilya to turn into a stone. She was later liberated by Lord Rama. This story is available in Balkand of ramayana.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesRama and Ahilya

5. Sage Gautam’s curse to Indra

Indra was cursed with one thousand female genitals (Sahasrayoni). Later she reverted this curse into a boon and Indra got thousand eyes. Indra is also known as Sahasraaksha.

6. Curse on Hanuman

Hanuman has been very mischievous in his childhood. Some sages, irritated by Hanuman’s exploits, placed a mild curse on him by which he became unable to remember his own ability unless reminded by another person. The curse is highlighted in Kishkindha Kand and Sunder Kand, when Jambavantha reminds Hanuman of his abilities and encourages him to go and find Sita.

Hanuman departing for Lanka in search of Sita

7. Curse on Anjana – mother of Hanuman

She was an apsara but took birth as a vanar. Once she threw some fruits on a meditating vanar, who was a sage doing penance. The sage cursed her to born become a vanar the moment she fells in love. She was absolved of this curse later through Brahma’s boon.

8. Curse of Narada on Vishnu

Narada cursed Lord Vshnu to become dependent on Vanara. This was fulfilled when Hanuman helped Lord Rama in the Ramayana.

9. Gandhari to Shri Krishna

Gandhari held Krishna responsible for Mahabharat war and cursed that his end will be ordinary. She also cursed that his clan will also destroyed by infighting. Accordingly, her curse came true after 36 years of Mahabharata war.

10. The curse of sages (Vishwamitra, Durvasa, Vashista, and Narada) to Samba

Samba, Lord Krishna’s son and his friends once have joked with sages. They cursed him to give birth to a iron lump of mass which will bring the destruction of the entire Yadava race.

11. Shri Krishna’s curse to Samba

Shri Krishna curse to Samba (his own son) to be affected by leprosy.

12 Shri Krishna to Ashwaththama

After he tried to kill Abhimanyu’s son (Parikshit) with a deadly weapon brahmastra, Krishna cursed him to live forever.

13. Urvashi’s curse to Arjuna

To become a eunuch when he refused an alliance with her. Later, she diluted this for a year which he used in agyaatvaas. [related link]

14. Yudhisthira to womankind

That they could not hide anything from anyone. This was done after he came to know from Kunti that Karna was his elder brother who was slain in the war of Mahabharata. Kunti tried the mantra given by Sage Durvasa to test its effectiveness. This would have caused embarassment to her, so she had to let Karna go.

15. Parshuram to Karna

This is quite famous incident of a teacher and the student. Parshuram cursed Karna that he would forget the mantra when he would need most. There is a whole article on curses on Karna.

Parshurama sleeping in Karna’s lap

16 Bhoomi devi to Karna

Owing to an incident where Karna cause distress to Bhoomi devi, She cursed him. In the battle of Mahabharat, the wheel of his chariot got stuck.

17 Brahmin curse to Karna

To die as a helpless as he has killed a cow. Karna had his more than share of curses. Details can be read on this article which is all about curses on Karna.

18 Curse of Vasishtha on Vasus

 Vasishtha cursed vasus to be born on earth as mortals since they have abducted his cow, Nandini. This curse is also related with birth of Bhishma.

19. Rishi Kindam’s curse to Pandu

Pandu accidentally killed Sage Kindam alongwith his wife. He cursed Pandu to die a similar death. Pandu died alongwith Madri, his second wife.

20. The curse on King Yayati by Shukracharya

Sage & Guru Shukracarya cursed King yayati to go as a Old man as Yayati secretly wedded Sharmishtha. (She was Devayani’s sister.) He was allowed to exchange his state from someone who was willing to do. Yayati’s all sons refused, but Puru agreed and he later became his successor.

Shukracharya curse to Yayati

21 Shiva’s curse to Brahma

Shiva decided that Brahma would not be worshipped as he had lied to him [complete story]. Another associated curse is on ketaki flower that it would not be used in worship.

22 Saraswati’s curse to Brahma

Brahma not being worshipped is associated with Saraswati’s curse too. He was cursed after being irritated with undue advances from Brahma.

23 Brahma’s curse to Shiva

Originally Brahma has five heads. Once Parvati mistook him for Shiva and when she realized she told this to Shiva. Shiva removed Brahma’s fifth head as Kal Bhairav. Brahma cursed Shiva that the fifth head will be attached to Shiva and will cause him hunger. The  fifth head must be attached to his hand itself and hereafter Shiva must be affected having hunger, having no sleep. Parvati sought Vishnu’s advise and got rid of the fifth head ‘Kabala’.

Shiva as Bhairava


24 Ganesha’s curse to Moon

Ganesha cursed moon for him being impolite. The whole story is available here.

25 Narada’s curse to sons of Kuber

Narada cursed Kuber’s sons to become trees. They were liberated by Shri Krishna.  Nalakuvara and Maṇigriva were Kubera’s sons. Once they were taking bath in water with their wives naked. Sage Narada came that way. The ladies took their garments after seeing the sage. But the sons of Kubera ignored him. Narada gave a lecture on the false prestige and madness after drinking liquor by the rich and influenced. Then Narada cursed them to become twin trees to be released later by Lord Krishna.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesSage Narada

26 Vasishtha’s curse to Satyavrata

He is popularly known as Trishanku and cursed with a debilitating disease. He was cursed because he stole the cow of Sage Vasishtha and killed it. He then ate it later. But he took care of Sage Vishwamitra’s family, Vishwamitra wanted to send him to heaven.

27 Curse of Radha to Sridhama

To be born as in a low family. Sridhama also cursed Radha that she will be separated from Krishna for 100 years.

28 Curse on Shantanu and Ganga by Brahma

Shantanu and Ganga were celestial beings who had also been cursed to be born on earth as human beings.  Shantanu was King Mahabhishak and he and Ganga were cursed by Brahma for their indecencies in their past lives.

29  Saraswati’s curse to Laxmi

To be born as a tree. Saraswati as a result of Ganga’s curse would become the wife of Brahma. Ganga due to Saraswati’s curse would become a holy River to demolish the sins of those who take baths on her waters.

30 Curse of Kabandha

Rama meets the rakshasa Kabandha and kills him, freeing him from a curse. The freed Kabandha advises Rama to seek the help of Sugriva to find Sita.

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Remedies before appearing for Exams OR Interviews

A remedy which is for getting success in the examination. It should be done some days BEFORE the examination. In fact at least 7 weeks before the examination because the remedy continues for 7 weeks. It may help you get success in the examination.

Here is the remedy:

  • Before the examination, for 7 Thursdays regularly, immerse 7 haldi ganth and 4 besan laddoos tied in a yellow cloth in a river. This remedy should be done between sunrise and sunset.
  • Use a pen / ball pen with a red body and a golden cap. You can use any ink. 
Make it

a point that you should not rely on this remedy only. Karma is supreme, so have faith in yourself and keep working hard. Remedies are there to help you but not to alleviate the need to do karma.

Remedy for Concentration in Studies

Here is a remedy especially for students who are studying hard to get good grades in the examinations. It happens with many of them that they are trying to concentrate on studies but they are just not able to concentrate. It gets frustrating at times. So here is a remedy which will help them concentrate while studying. It is not only effective for students but for anyone who is studying for success for e.g. if someone who is studying for an interview, this remedy will be equally effective.
Here is the remedy:
Wear a small square piece of copper in a silver chain for concentration in studies for examination or for an


I hope the readers are benefited by this remedy.

Note: Please note that this remedy as well as all the previous ones are general remedies. If you don’t get benefited by them, it means that you will have to do remedies specific to your horoscope.

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Dashavatar – The Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Click Here if You cant see Images

Lord Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma. Dharma means peace and justice – its the order in the universe. Lord Vishnu is in charge of making sure that Dharma prevails in the universe.

“Whenever Dharma, or the situation of law and order, is endangered on this world, I shall incarnate onto this world to re-establish Dharma, law and order and to protect the good people and to destroy the evil elements of the society….Lord Vishnu.

Dashavatar - The Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
Why Avatars ? – Why not God just appear on this planet and preach what He has to preach or better still why not just restore the right order (like magic), why go through all this effort? Good question…Here is my answer –

When in Avatar, God is like one of us….He is born on this planet, he grows up here and then when the time is right imparts His knowledge upon us. It is always easier to understand and appreciate someone who is one of us, someone who is among us – Its like when as a parent you are trying to teach good things in life to your child, the best way to do this is by example – by living a good life.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu has incarnated himself many times. But its ten of his avatars which has had the maximum effect on human life and these ten avatars are called – ‘Dasha Avatar’ (’Dasha’ means ten in Sanskrit). The ten avatars are:

Matsya – The Fish

Kurma – The Tortoise

Varaha – The Boar

Narsimha – The man lion

Vamana – The Dwarf

Parasurama – The Warrior

Sri Rama – The King

Sri Krishna – The Cowherd

Buddha – The Teacher

Kalki – The Slayer

It can also be said that these avatars represent evolution of human life on earth. This is what the top six avatars mean

Matsya (Fish) – Life starts in water (600 – 400 million years ago)

Kurma (Turtle)–The firstamphibians emerge (100 million years ago)

Varah (Boar) – The first mammals evolve (60 million years ago)

Narasimha (half man – half lion) – Half man half animal appear (30 million years ago)

Vamana (short man) – Homor Erectus, upright yet short and weaponless (5 – 2 million years ago)

Parashurama (Parashu – axe & Rama – name of God) – Bronze age, the coming of Ramapithecus, development of firs weapons such as axe.

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Similar to curses, there are interesting boons which are closely related to curses.

31 Meghnaad’s boon

He was granted boon by Brahma that he would never be won over in any battle, until his Yagna (fire-worship) of his native goddess Nikumbala was disturbed and destroyed. Lakshman disturbed his yagna and finally killed him in the battle.

32 Jayadrath father’s boon

Whosoever causes the head of his son to fall on the earth, his head would blow into thousand pieces.One day Jayadratha met his father Vridhakshtra who was a sage. He asked his father to grant him a boon by which he could choose the time of his death just like Shantanu who gave a similar boon to Devavrata (i.e. Bhishma). He said that who ever caused the head of Jayadrath to fall on the ground, will be killed immediately by having his own head burst into hundred pieces. When Arjuna beheaded Jayadrath, he ensure that his head falls in the lap of his meditating father.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesJayadratha killed by Arjuna

33 Lord Shiva’s boon to Jayadrath

Jayadrath had another boon that he could hold all the Pandavas for a day in battle, except for Arjuna. This proved to be undoing of Abhimanyu when Arjuna was not around in the battle and Drona formed a chakravyuha.

34 Bhishma from Shantanu

Shantanu blessed his son that he would chose his own time of death. This was following the Bhishma pratigya taken by Devvrata.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesBhishma taking oath for being unmarried – Bhishma Pratigya

35 Gandhari’s boon to Duryodhana

The whole story is narrated here.

36 Durvasa to Kunti

Birth of Pandavas. Kunti served sage Durvasa for a year and he became very pleased with her. He has given her a mantra. Using this, she could call any god at anytime who would assist her in begetting a son. Kunti used this mantra four times and Madri couple of times.

37 Sage Parashar’s boon to Satyavati

The boon of fragrance.

38 Boon of Vali

Ram has to kill him in disguise because of a boon. While in fight, opponents half strength would be transferred to him. This story is also available in the link given above.

39 Parshuram’s boon to Karna

Parshuram cursed Karna which resulted in him being defeated in the Mahabharata. But Parshuram also blessed Karna to have everlasting fame.

40 Boon to Hiranyaksha by Brahma

 Once Hiranyaksha did a lot of austerities so that Lord Brahma would give him a boon. He asked and received a boon that no god, demon, beast or human could ever kill him. He was killed by Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu.

41 Hiranyakashyap’s boon

Hiranyakashyap had a similar boon. And his boon also included that he would not be killed in day or night, inside or outside a house, nor by a human or beast. He was killed by Narsingh avatar – a Vishnu dashavatar. His son Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and he summoned his lord after Hiranyakashyap challenged him that where is his lord?

42 Shri Krishna granted boon to Shishupal’s mother Shrutishrava

Shri Krishna promised to his aunt to forgive hundred misdeeds of Shishupala before killing him.

43 Shiva’s boon to Arjuna

The boon which Arjuna is said to have received was called Pashupata, Shiva’s most powerful weapon.

Click Here if You cant see ImagesLord Shiva giving Pashupata astra to Arjuna

44 Shiva’s boon to Ganesha

Shiva granted Ganesha a boon that before beginning of any undertaking or task people would worship Lord Ganesh. Thus the reason for worship of ganesha before start of any work.

45 Boon of Madhu and Kaitabh

These demons had a boon that they would only die when they want it. Lord Vishnu killed them eventually.

46 Brahma’s boon to Anjana

Anjana was initially cursed to live as a vanaar, Brahma told her that she would be absolved of the curse if she gives birth to a incarnation of Lord Shiva.

47  Boons to Hanuman

Hanuman was blessed with two boons which were useful in Sunder Kand.

First was given to him by Brahma that no weapon could harm him. When Brahmastra was used on him, he let himself captured to honour the greatest weapon brahmastra.

Second was given to him by Surya. He was given Laghima and Garima (to be able to attain the smallest or to attain the biggest form). With the helo of these, he went past Sursa.

48 Karna’s boon to Kunti

Karna assured Kunti that  will not use a weapon twice against Arjuna. He later did not use the Naga astra. He also promised Kunti that she will have five sons, so he did not killed Pandavas other than Arjuna, though he could do so.

49. Kaikeyi’s boon by Dashrath

Dashrath granted couple of boons to Kaikeyi during Dev Asur sangram. Dashrath was deeply wounded and he was tended by Kaikeyi. She claimed two boons that Dasharatha had long ago granted her, which resulted in Lord Rama’s vanvaas.

50 Shiva’s boon to Draupadi for desired husband(s)

Draupadi wanted to have a husband with fourteen qualities. Shiva said this is difficult. Upon insistence, he said that she will get five husbands. He gave another boon to her.

51 Draupadi’s boon to remain as a virgin

Shiva granted a boon that she would regain virginity as soon as she takes a bath in the morning. Thus she was able to become the wife of five pandavas at the same time.

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Auspicious Date and Time to Enter New House

Buying a house is an important moment in anyone’s life. A great part of our hard earned money goes into buying a house. To make sure that our stay in the new house remains a long, happy and fruitful stay, we need to choose an auspicious time (Shubh Muhurta) to enter the new house. If the auspicious time is not followed, it may bring ill luck to the dwellers. They may encounter thefts and health issues as well. 

Let us see what those best combinations are when a person can enter/start dwelling in the house.

Auspicious Lunar Months
Vaisakha, Jyeshta, Magha and Phalguna are the best.
Kartika and Margasira are neutral or middling.
Auspicious Lunar Days
2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 13th of the bright half (Shukla Paksha)
Auspicious Constellations
Rohini, Mrigasira, Uttarashada, Chitra and Uttarabhadra are the best constellations.
Anuradha and Revati are also permissible
Other Constellations should be rejected
Auspicious Days
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious
If Griha Pravesh is done on a Saturday then there is a risk of thefts. If it is done on Tuesday, there is risk of quarrels in the home

Apart from the above factors there are some other factors to be seen as well.
Those are listed below:

1] Lagna or Ascendant at the time of moving should be in a fixed sign. Common sign is ordinary and Movable should be avoided. If you are new to Astrology, you may not understand it. Just to elaborate on this, if Lagna is in a fixed sign at the time of moving into the house then this ensures that that dwellers will be staying (“fixed”) in the house permanently. If the Lagna is common, the dwellers will sometimes be staying in the house, sometimes be out of the house. If the lagna is movable then the dwellers will always be out of the house (“movable”). 

Rahu Kalam is an inauspicious time of the day. It should be avoided for entering the house.  
3] 8th house from Lagna should be empty.


4] Griha Pravesh in one’s own Rashi, Janm Nakshatra or Janm Lagna will be highly auspicious.



5] Important Point: Griha Pravesh should not be done when wife (Main lady of the house) is 6 months or above pregnant. 




One may not wait for a suitable time when all the above factors are present but one should wait for a time when most, if not all, factors are present.

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What is Karma?

What is Karma?

Karma is a word to describe an invisible system of keeping balance in the universe. Basically, the law of karma states that whatever we put out into the universe, we get brought back to us. So in other words, if you do good unto others all through your life and make sure you take care of them, the universe will bring you favorable circumstances and conditions that take care of you.

Karma originally came from ancient Tibetan Buddhist texts that have continued to be passed down through the ages since before 500 B.C. However, not only Buddhists believe in karma now days. It is a universal law that is believed to be true by billions of people worldwide, of all races, religions and nationalities.

With the law of karma, you get back to yourself whatever you put out to the universe.  It’s essentially the same thing as the Christian golden rule, which states “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

There is a lot of truth to this theory of the law of karma and many people, myself included, have found it to be true through experience.  I have found that when I go out of my way to help people in need, I seem to be rewarded in some way or another by the natural laws of the universe.  Good fortune suddenly befalls me from out of nowhere.  However, when I refuse to help others and, even worse, when I cause harm to others, bad things eventually come back to me as a result of it.

This article will discuss the implications karma has on the after life, according to ancient Tibetan Buddhist beliefs.

Karma & The After Life

This is where the real meat of the article is, because this is the most relevant way our karma affects us. Our karma carries over with us after death. In fact, in just about every religion out there, you’ll find that they teach this truth. In any Catholic or Christian text, it is taught that those who do good go to heaven and those that do evil go to hell. Even in Muslim faith, the evil are punished and the good are rewarded.

The main difference between all of the other religions and Tibetan Buddhism is that there are more than two places you can go after dying, based on your karma. Some people aren’t necessarily good or evil. Some people are in somewhat of a ‘gray’ area, so how do you account for people like that in Christianity? Does someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus, yet who takes a bullet to save a small child still go to hell when he dies? That doesn’t quite seem fair to a lot of people out there. That’s where Tibetan Buddhism comes in.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there are six different planes of existence in samsara. The word samsara is Tibetan for ‘suffering.’ There are the six planes of suffering and then there is the plane of enlightenment, Universal Consciousness or nirvana — which ever you wish to call it. The only time you are not reincarnated, based on karma is if you have become fully conscious and enlightened in your past life and choose to ascend existence itself.

We’re all still in samsara, however, so the laws of karma still affect how we will be reincarnated after death. The following are the six different planes of cyclic existence, descriptions of what they are like to live in and what kind of karma it takes to be reborn into the specified plane of existence.

Karma - The Hell Realm

Karma – The Hell Realm

The Hell Realm

The hell realm is the lowest realm one can possibly be reincarnated in.

The hell realm in Tibetan Buddhism is quite more fierce and horrible than usually depicted by the christian religions of the world. There are nine cold hells and nine hot hells. Each of the cold hells progressively get colder and colder, the higher up each level you go, while the hot hells get hotter and hotter the lower you go. The cold realms are where evil people who are more ‘cold’ and uncaring and unsympathetic go, while evil people whose primary characteristic is anger go to the hotter hells. The worse the person’s karma is, the lower they go in the hot hells or the higher up the mountains they go in the cold hells.

In the hell realm, you constantly re-appear and die awful, terrible deaths over and over and never get a moment to rest. You are endlessly chased and pursued by frightening demons who endlessly rip out your insides, burn you, carve and eat your flesh, drink your blood and murder you over and over again. The second you die, you instantly re-appear somewhere else in the hell realm and have to experience it all over again.

In the cold hells, you are subjected to extreme freezing temperatures, frost bite, skin that tears and falls off your flesh and blisters. The demons in the cold hells are more focused on attacking you in ways that cause you to freeze.

In the hot hells, the ground you are standing on is constantly the temperature of burning coals or hotter. You can never stand in one place without burning severely and suffering immense pain. The demons in the hot hells primarily attack you with fire or sharp weapons they use to rend your flesh from your bones.

It is important to note that the demons in the hell realm are not ‘fallen angels’ like they are in christian beliefs. Instead, they are creations of your own mind that are projected into the reality around you, based off the horrible things you have done. Therefore, it is impossible to be reincarnated as this type of demon. They are as illusory as the monsters you have faced during nightmares — they seem real while you are dreaming, even though they are just creations of your mind.

Another difference between Tibetan Buddhism hell and Christian hell is that in Christian hell, you are there for all time and eternity. In Tibetan Buddhism hell, you are only there as long as it takes for you to burn up all of your bad karma that got you there in the first place.

Karma - The Hungry Ghost Realm
Karma – The Hungry Ghost Realm

The Hungry Ghost [Preta-Loka] Realm

The Hungry Ghost Realm is one step above the Hell Realm. This realm exists on the etheric plane around us in the human realm. Beings reincarnated in this realm can usually see us, but we can not see them.

This is the realm people who possessed both the characteristics of being extremely greedy and stingy as well as never being able to be satisfied are reborn into. These are the people who are never happy with what they have in life. They constantly want more and more and will do anything and hurt anyone to get it.

In the Hungry Ghost Realm, beings are born in deformed, twisted bodies that have tiny throats, tiny mouths and huge nasty pot bellies with tiny little shrunken and emaciated arms and legs. It is extremely difficult and painful for them to move about. They are always starving with the most insatiable appetites one could imagine and they are constantly on the hunt for food. Whenever they happen to even find a crumb of food they can fit through their tiny pin-sized throats, it explodes into fire in their throats, burning them from the inside out.

Eventually, when the negative karma of greed and insatiability that brought them into this realm runs out, their Hungry Ghost body dies and they are reincarnated into a hire realm of rebirth.

This is the realm people who commit suicide are said to be reborn into, if they do not possess enough negative karma for the Hell Realm.

Karma - The Animal Realm
Karma – The Animal Realm

The Animal Realm

Souls who exhibited blind ignorance in their previous lives possess the right kind of karma to be born into the Animal Realm.

These are people who were ignorant in areas such as politics and spirituality, always just accepting the first thing they were ever told to be the truth. They never really cared much to seek truth in their previous lives and they were more concerned about just how they would keep themselves satisfied. These ignorant people don’t like to think deeply about things and simply act on primitive instincts such as hunger, fear, desire for sex, etc. The more ignorant the person was, the least favorable type of animal they are born as. For example, someone who was just mildly ignorant, may be reborn as a silver back gorilla, while someone who was disgustingly ignorant is likely to be reborn as a cockroach or a sewer rat.

The Animal Realm isn’t usually as harsh as the Hell and Hungry Ghost realms, but it is certainly a cold, uncaring world for animals. In the Animal Realm, you are always on your toes running from predators or searching for your next meal and struggling to survive.

Even for those privileged enough to be born as a pet, their owners may sometimes abuse them or forget to feed or water them and this causes great suffering for the animal.

Karma - The Human Realm
Karma – The Human Realm

The Human Realm

The Human Realm is said to be the most favorable realm to be reborn in, because it is the only realm in which we can find enlightenment. In the lower realms such as the hell, hungry ghost and animal realms, we are too busy suffering or are in too much pain or ignorance to find enlightenment. In the higher realms, we are too busy distracted by pleasurable activities to find enlightenment. The human realm provides just the right balance between pleasure and pain to create the perfect soil for finding enlightenment.

It takes a perfect blend of all of the types of karma associated with the other five realms in order to be reborn in the human realm. We all worked very hard for this opportunity, so let’s not mess it up for ourselves.

While humans are capable of enjoying a good amount of pleasure throughout their lifetimes, we are also exposed to all of the negative emotions that are felt in the other realms such as anger, greed, ignorant desire and jealousy.

A life in the human realm is no easy task for most, beings.

Karma - The Asura Realm
Karma – The Asura Realm

The Jealous God [Asura] Realm

This is the realm just short of the God Realm, which is the highest of all six of the realms of existence. The beings who are reborn in this realm, possess high amounts of good karma from their past lives, but were still overwhelmingly jealous.

Jealous Gods (or Asura) exist in the same physical space as the Gods, similar to how animals exist in the same realm as humans. They are constantly waging war against the Gods, because they are jealous of them and they want their power. Asura are very powerful, but nowhere near as powerful as the actual Gods. While the Gods power comes from their own minds and will, the Asura must rely on technology to give them power. Nonetheless, the Asura are extremely intelligent beings capable of making technology that give them powers that are almost equal to those of the God’s.

These Demi-Gods live naturally long and usually pleasure filled life spans lasting around 1,000 years in length.

Karma - The God Realm
Karma – The God Realm

The God Realm

The God Realm, or the Deva-Loka, is the highest of all of the six realms of existence. In the God Realm, beings can live up to as long as an eon, before they die and are reborn in a lower realm. In this realm, the Gods are subject to overwhelming states of pleasure and bliss. All of their senses are heightened and every pleasurable sensation is multiplied by a thousand to them.

Upon being born in this realm, each God is given their own world. In these worlds, they can create and experience anything their heart desires. It has been described as being like an extremely long lucid dream.


The only hardship one must face in this real

m is the nuisance of the Asura who are extremely jealous of the Gods and who periodically launch attacks against them, to overthrow them. It is extremely hard to kill a God, however, so the Asura usually prove to be no more of a nuissance to the gods than mosquitoes are to us.In order to be reborn in this realm, one must have accumulated extremely high amounts of good karma over the course of many life times. It is very difficult to earn enough good karma in one life time to be reborn into this realm.

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The thirteenth day of the war came. Again the Trigartas challenged Arjuna early. Drona arranged his army in chakra Vyuha formation. Duryodhana was at the centre and other warriors were in different layers. Jayadratha was there guarding the gate of the Vyuha with his army.

Bhima led the Pandavas attack. All other Pandavas warriors were following him, they tried to break the vyuha by a frontal attack but Drona frustrated them. The arrows of Drona began to melt away the Pandavas army. Yudhsithira was at his wits ends.

Arjuna was facing the only Samasaptaka who was surviving. Sursarma and his army went on fighting and kept Arjuna occupied. Young Abhimanyu, seeing Yudhisthira worried, said that he knew the technique of entering the Chakravyuha but did not know how to come out of it. Bhima said that if they could get the entry once, the rest should be left to him and his mace. Yet Yudhisthira was hesitant to sent the sixteen years old son of Arjuna, in absence of his father in such a deadly trap of death.
But Abhimanyu was very confident and so was Bhima. After taking permission and blessings of the elders, Abhimanyu went to break the vyuha with Bhima and others warriors following him closely.

Abhimanyu chariot went with lightening speed and before Jayadrattha could understand his move he was inside the vyuha. He was successful in breaking in to it. But an alert Jayadratha stopped Bhima and all other Pandavas from entering the vyuha. However hard they tried. While Kauravas had panicked by breaking into the Vyuha by Abhimanyu, now the Pandavas were desolate. Arjuna�s son was inside the Vyuha all alone and they were kept outside.

Drona and all other warriors rushed to Abhimanyu to check his advance. Duryodhana, Dussasan, Salya and Karna were fighting him, all at once. Abhimanyu gave them a very tough fight. He could hurt even Karna. Single handedly, he kept all of them at bay. His valor even surpassed that of Arjuna. Kauravas were amazed to see his skill and prowess.

At the gate of the Vyuha, Bhima, Yudhisthira, Shikhandi, Drupad, Dhristadhymna, Virata, Nakula etc. were making determined effort to break into the vyuha but without any success. Jayadratha had obtained a boon from lord Shiva that enabled him to defy all the Pandavas when Arjuna and Krishna were not there. Now, Bhima was very sorry for his recklessness in encouraging Abhimanyu to go into the Vyuha.

Abhimanyu fighting in the Chakravyuh All the warriors of the Kauravas side could not have defeated the lone warrior despite their best efforts. Now they were getting frustrated. Karna deceitfully attacked him from behind and cut the string of his bow. Then Drona cut down his chariots wheels. Then Abhimanyu jumped out with a sword and shield in his hand. Drona too cut that down. Then he took a wheel of his chariot and rushed towards them. Abhimanyu killed Lakshamana, the son of Duryodhana. Now the Kauravas were willing to throw out all the rules of fair fighting six Maharathi, Karna, Drona, Ashvatthama attacked him together. Abhimanyu was very tired, from behind, son of Dussasan, hit Abhimanyu with his mace. Abhimanyu fell down and died. Abhimanyu�s killing was the most treacherous and darterdly act of the Karuavas warriors like Drona Kripa and Karna.

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Why is Om or Aum written before every mantra?

While worshipping the God, a lot of mantras are chanted. But in every mantra there is a holy word attached to it. That word is Om i.e. Pranav . Whether Vedic, Pauranik or Beej Mantra, each one of these mantras are chanted starting with Om.

Actually there is a secret behind using the word Om before chanting every mantra. This secret is revealed in the Dharma Shastras.

According to the scriptures, the whole world is composed of three properties. The three properties are  Raj, Sat and Tam. And Om is believed to be the ekaakshar brham, which is the creator and destructor of the entire nature. So, Om is the ruler or God the three properties of the world.

Since of Lord Ganesha is also the Parabrahma of the nature, therefore, his name not just means Gano ka eesh, but also Guno (qualities) ka eesh.

In simple words, Lord Ganesha is not just the God of heaven, but he is also the God of qualities.

This is the reason why Om is also believed to be the symbol of Lord Ganesha. Being Mangalmurti, Lord Ganesha is the first God to be worshipped. This is the reason why the word Om is used before chanting any mantra for Gods. Chanting Om before any mantra means remembering Lord Ganesha first before any other God.

The word Om has miraculous powers and is highly auspicious.

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Eight types of Marriage

Eight types of Marriage


1]Brahama Vivah

In this marriage, the groom is invited to the brides house, where he is decorated with jewelry in order to show respect. After this, the girls hand is given into the boys hands. It is believed that performing this ritual blesses the next 21 generations of that family.

2] Dev Vivah

In this type of marriage the Kanyadan is done in the presence of a Brahmin.

3] Aarsh Vivah

A pair of cow and buffalo is taken from the groom before doing Kanyadan in this kind of marriage. With this ritual, the child born in that house and his next three generations are blessed.

4] Kaay or Prajapatya Vivah

In this marriage the father of the bride says, Is kanya ke saath Dharam Aacharan Karo. After saying this, the father gives the hand of his daughter to the groom. This ritual blesses the next six generations of the child born in that house.

5] Asur Vivah

In this marriage the grooms family has to give money to the brides father or his family members.

6] Gandharv Vivah

This marriage happens only when the boy and the girl agree for it.

7] Rakshas Vivah

When a girl is married without her consent, it is called Rakshas Vivah.

8] Pishach Vivah

When a girl is kidnapped while she is asleep and forcefully married, it is called Pishach vivah.

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