Eight types of Marriage

Eight types of Marriage


1]Brahama Vivah

In this marriage, the groom is invited to the brides house, where he is decorated with jewelry in order to show respect. After this, the girls hand is given into the boys hands. It is believed that performing this ritual blesses the next 21 generations of that family.

2] Dev Vivah

In this type of marriage the Kanyadan is done in the presence of a Brahmin.

3] Aarsh Vivah

A pair of cow and buffalo is taken from the groom before doing Kanyadan in this kind of marriage. With this ritual, the child born in that house and his next three generations are blessed.

4] Kaay or Prajapatya Vivah

In this marriage the father of the bride says, Is kanya ke saath Dharam Aacharan Karo. After saying this, the father gives the hand of his daughter to the groom. This ritual blesses the next six generations of the child born in that house.

5] Asur Vivah

In this marriage the grooms family has to give money to the brides father or his family members.

6] Gandharv Vivah

This marriage happens only when the boy and the girl agree for it.

7] Rakshas Vivah

When a girl is married without her consent, it is called Rakshas Vivah.

8] Pishach Vivah

When a girl is kidnapped while she is asleep and forcefully married, it is called Pishach vivah.

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