Mars’ (Mangal, Kuja) Relation with the Houses of the Rashi

Mars’ (Mangal, Kuja) Relation with the Houses of the Rashi

As per Indian Astrology Mangliks may suffer from the following problems:

  1. Mars in 1st House: 1st house signifies one’s own self. Person may be prone to anger. Person may get afflicted by illness. Person may also be cruel and fickle.
  2. Mars in 2nd House: 2nd house signifies finance. Money and education may be a problem for such a person. Person may be quarrelsome.
  3. Mars in 4th House: 4th house signifies domestic happiness. Person may suffer mental agony and domestic happiness may elude him/her. Person may also lack relatives and wealth.
  4. Mars in 7th House: 7th house signifies marriage and marital life. Marital happiness may elude this person. Person may be quarrelsome. Person may also indulge in criminal activities.
  5. Mars in 8th House: 8th house signifies longevity. Person may not live very long. Lack of wealth may also be a problem. Person may have physical and mental problems.
  6. Mars in 12th House: 12th house signifies sexual pleasure. Person may be sad, miserly and lazy. Person may suffer from ill health.

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