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Shree Mahaakaali Chalisa in Hindi

Shree Mahaakaali Chalisa

kali maa

kali maa


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Aarti shree Mahakali ji ki


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Shree Kali Chalisa in Hindi

Shree Kali Chalisa



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Aarti Shree Kali ji ki



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8 Wonders of Jagannatha Temple of Puri

पुरी में जगन्नाथ मंदिर के 8 अजूबे इस प्रकार है।
मन्दिर के ऊपर झंडा हमेशा हवा के विपरीत  दिशा में लहराते हुए।
पुरी में किसी भी जगह से आप मन्दिर के ऊपर लगे सुदर्शन चक्र को देखेगे तो वह आपको सामने ही लगा दिखेगा।
सामान्य दिन के समय हवा समुद्र से जमीन की तरफ आती है, और शाम के दौरान इसके विपरीत, लेकिन पूरी में इसका उल्टा होता है.
पक्षी या विमानों मंदिर के ऊपर उड़ते हुए  नहीं पायेगें।
मुख्य गुंबद की छाया दिन के किसी भी समय  अदृश्य है.
मंदिर के अंदर पकाने के लिए भोजन की मात्रा पूरे वर्ष के लिए रहती है। प्रसाद की एक भी मात्रा कभी भी यह व्यर्थ नहीं जाएगी, चाहे कुछ हजार लोगों से 20 लाख लोगों को खिला सकते हैं.
मंदिर में रसोई (प्रसाद)पकाने के लिए 7 बर्तन  एक दूसरे पर रखा जाता है और लकड़ी पर पकाया जाता है. इस प्रक्रिया में शीर्ष बर्तन में सामग्री पहले पकती है फिर क्रमश: नीचे की तरफ एक के बाद एक पकते जाती है।
मन्दिर के सिंहद्वार में पहला कदम प्रवेश करने पर  (मंदिर के अंदर से) आप सागर द्वारा निर्मित  किसी भी ध्वनि नहीं सुन सकते. आप (मंदिर के बाहर
से) एक ही कदम को पार करें जब आप इसे सुन सकते  हैं. इसे शाम को स्पष्ट रूप से देखा जा सकता है।

साथ में यह भी जाने:-
मन्दिर का रसोई घर दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा रसोइ घर है।
प्रति दिन सांयकाल मन्दिर के ऊपर लगी ध्वजा को मानव द्वारा उल्टा चढ़ कर
बदला जाता है।
मन्दिर का क्षेत्रफल चार लाख वर्ग फिट में है। मन्दिर की ऊंचाई 214 फिट है।


विशाल रसोई घर में भगवान जगन्नाथ को चढ़ाने वाले महाप्रसाद को बनाने 500 रसोईये एवं 300 उनके  सहयोगी काम करते है।

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Karna -The Unfortunate, jealous and egoistic Warrior

Karna -The Unfortunate, jealous and egoistic Warrior

The birth of Karna was an unfortunate event . But Sympathy for Karna Stops here. Because at every stage God having helped him Karna outrightly chose his own selfish path annoying several along the way.For example

  • When Drona refused to teach him , he went to Drona ‘s Guru Shri Parshuram to learn the astras.
  • He lied to God Parshurama that He is Bramhin to learn astras.(God Knowingly teaches him all , because God knew Duryodhan would  wage a war against Pandavas only on the confidence of Karna’s capability.)
  • But when caught Karna did not humbly accept his lie but persisted with it( Perhaps God would have forgiven him ,had he accepted) Hence he obtains curse that his learning will not help him in competition , all other times He would be unparalleled.
  • Karna accepts Friendship of Duryodhana only to oppose Arjun.( Lack of morals)
  • When Father (Sun)advises him not to give kavach kundal to Indra , he disobeys Father and gives it away.
  • When Mother kunti asks him not to harm Pandavas, He displeases her saying He would kill Arjun
  • When Lord Krishna offers him the entire Kingdom of the universe to join Pandavas as eldest brother in war , He rejects Lord’s suggestion and fights for Duryodhana.( Ego before the Lord)
  • Was he loyal to Duryodhan? No , when Bheeshma calls him “ardharathi”, He does not enter battelfield for 10 days till Bheeshma falls. So much for a false friendship.(Given to anger)
  • He was acclaimed as Daan Veer , but He had taken a vow that he would donate only till he kills Arjun, his dana was only out of ego and jealousy towards Arjun, to attain fame and not to please God or recipient .
  • When Bheemasena striked on his chariot , he hid under the chariot in fear leaving his shakti astra , He was defeated thrice by Bheemasena during Rajsuya yagna ,this even when he had Kavach and Kunadala.(was he veer).

When one annoys so many elders , and is disobedient, given to falsehood , bitten by jealousy and ego and anger , can one expect success? One becomes the architect of his own misfortunes.Karna fell due to failure of chariot , lapse of memory absence of kavach kundala and shakti of Indra.

People born under aquarius lagna and navamsa are given to such characteristic , though they attain fame , and heroics in practical life it helps them in none , but only brings misfortunes.When both benefics and malefics aspect a particular house results are mixed in nature giving success and failure alternatively ,provided both benefics and malefics are of equal strength.

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The 17 ‘shringars’ of Naga Sadhus

The ash smeared on the body makes for clothes, mystic world and secret rituals make their lifestyle mysterious. Perhaps they are the most photographed in any Kumbh, but few would know that the Naga Sadhu’s of the Sangam city spend hours on their ’17 shringars’ — which by all means are tougher than a woman’s adornments — before going for their Shahi Snan.

Hours before going for the Shahi Snan, each Naga Sadhu undertakes a cleansing, grooming exercise as part of an age-old ritual. The ancient ritualistic shringar that these ascetics carry out is tougher than even the 16 adornments of an Indian woman often hailed as being tough and complex.

Naga sadhu

“Every Naga sadhu smears his body with the holy ash and grooms his ‘Panchkesh’ (hairs of his body) before proceeding for the holy dip. If a Naga sadhu is keeping hairs, he brushes them while those who do not, shave them off. Like a married woman applying a bindi, sindoor and kajal, a Naga sadhu, after attending to his ‘Panchkesh’, applies the sacred roli, tilak and chandan. As a woman wears jewellery, a Naga sanyasi too wears garlands of rudraksh, adorns a ‘kada’ (iron bracelet) replacing bangles and carries a damroo, chimta and kamandal as other adornments.”

After going through all this, the Naga sadhu then spends his time on this spiritual and physical shringar which comprises of cleansing rituals that conclude with smearing their whole body with sacred ‘dhuni’ (ashes), he added.

“It is after this that any Naga Sadhu is ready to take a dip in the holy Ganga,” said Dr Tripathi.”He remains awake the entire night and prays to Lord Shiva as well as the deity of akhara concerned, with a wish to purify him for the much-awaited moment and then readies himself carefully like to a married woman readying for a special occasion with all her 16 shringars as he prepares to meet Maa Gange in all reverence and happiness,” the expert added.

Apart from the ascetics going for 16 shringars like that of a woman, an addition and the 17th one is of the ash or bhaboot that they smear their body with and which gives them an edge even on the dressing of a fair sex.

Although being a Digambar, a Naga sadhu does not wear clothes; however, he often sports a loin cloth dubbed lungot or kopin and naagphani, as a concession to the world.

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Suicidal Tendencies in Vedic Horoscope

As per vedic astrology readings, second and seventh houses of a horoscope are considered Maraka (death causing) planets.  Similarly, the planets placed in second and seventh houses can cause death in relevant planetary periods.  In suicide cases, the roles of third and sixth houses are found prominent. Third house of a vedic astrology horoscope denotes about the initiatives and courage of a person; and if the initiatives of a person are having negative relationships with death inflicting planets, the person can commit suicide.

Similarly, the sixth house denotes enemies and inauspicious relationship of sixth house/lord with first, second, seventh or eighth house can make a person do enmity with his own self.  Second and seventh houses are maraka (death causing) houses and their lords are Marakesha (death inflicting planets).  The chances of suicidal tendencies are more in people having Watery or Airy ascendant as such people born in Watery or Airy Ascendant are more soft and emotional as compared to people born in Earthy or Fiery Sign.

In general, the following factors are to be analyzed to

  1. Strength of ascendant lord in comparison to eighth lord.
  2. Relationship between first and seventh lords and either/both of them being weak.
  3. Relationship between first and second lords and either/both of them being weak.
  4. Eighth lord’s  relationship with first and/or third lord/house.
  5. Relationship of the Moon with Saturn or eighth house.
  6. Relationship of third house/lord with second, sixth, seventh and/or eighth houses.
  7. Nodes can also cause psychological problems related to suicidal tendencies, when they are not having any relationship with any other planet.
  8. Operation of inauspicious planetary period.

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Career Setback – vedic horoscope

Career Setback, when fully operational in a vedic horoscope, comes in frequent phases; thereby weakening the personal and financial strength of the person in continuous cycles.  Career setbacks should actually be analyzed in respect of specific period of time; as against one or two events.  If you are experiencing a continuous phase of time, when most of your endeavors being made for professional and financial betterment are either cease to take place or get obstructed in between or failed to give any fruitful results; you better be alarmed as it may be the very initial phase of career setback.



In this vedic horoscope, the Mars is conjunct with Sun in seventh house; and also having its aspect over tenth, first and second houses of lagna chart.  Exalted Jupiter in second house is also under influence of Mars.  Ketu occupies ninth house and ninth lord Saturn is united with Rahu in third house.  The native approached for astrology guidance on career and marriage during last phase of Jupiter/Venus bhukti.  He should be very careful in his professional matters and also advised to postpone his marriage till completion of Sun antardasa.  Notice that both Jupiter and Sun are under malefic influence of Mars, which is significantly inauspicious planet for Gemini Ascendant people. However, the native may not make up his mind in accordance and would go for marriage and kept making strong endeavors for professional betterment.  Unfortunately, soon after start of Jupiter/Sun period,  the inauspicious impact of Mars started showing its results. first, his father expired just a month before his marriage – and spoiling the overall charm of the marriage.  Thereafter, a continuous series of professional problems started surfacing in his life and ended up with loss of job within a very short notice of two months.

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job problems – planetary vedic astrology horoscope

The movable signs and operation of negative planetary periods causes job problems like  instability and/or changes in  job.  The influence and/ or operation of sixth lord main or sub-period generates fear of losing job or causes disciplinary/ legal problems.  The influence and/ or operation of eighth house lord main or sub-period causes obstruction and delays in professional matters.  While the influence and/or operation of twelfth house lord causes changes and losses in job.  The planets having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may also cause job problems during their planetary dasha.



In this vedic astrology birth chart, tenth lord Mercury is exalted in tenth house creating Bhadra Yoga.  Lord of second and third houses Saturn is exalted in eleventh house.  Despite this the native faced job problems and his health also suffered during the main-period of Saturn.  The reasons behind is the placement of ascendant lord Jupiter in twelfth house, operation of Saturn’s Maha Dasha when Saturn is not only a Maraka planet for Sagittarius ascendant but also exalted in Movable sign.  In addition to this, the first house is also under aspect of Saturn and eighth lord Moon. The job problems surfaced during the Rahu Anter Dasha which is exalted in sixth house of the vedic astrology horoscope.  Planetary period of two strong negative planets did not allow the native to get settled.

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Selection of career between job and business horoscope, vedic astrology

Selection of career between job and business is very crucial and important decision of life.   In accordance with the planetary strength of your horoscope, vedic astrology readings are reasonably useful to help you in selecting best option between job and business.  In brief, the following aspects of a horoscope are to be analyzed to find out best suitable option between Job and Business.

Astrology Readings of Ascendant: Strong Ascendant has always observed to be extremely supportive for professional career of a person.  Usually, the weakness of first lord may cause a person to choose a safer option like job.

Astrology Readings of Tenth Bhava: Strong tenth house is very helpful in blessing the native with early and easy success in his professional endeavors. The relationship of tenth house with second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses usually gives inclination towards job and skilled profession. If strong third lord also gets involved, the person goes for independent profession including business.

Astrology Readings of Third Bhava: In addition to the tenth house, vedic astrology readings of third house are also very important in selecting best suited career option between job and business.  Astrology readings indicating weak third house may hamper one’s initiatives for independent business. While afflicted third house may cause one to be over confident.

Astrology Readings of Fifth Bhava: Fifth house is also related with knowledge, education, intelligence, intuition, high positions, and easy financial gains through calculated speculation. Astrology readings indicating weak fifth house may result in financial losses due to wrong decisions and may also cause one to be over speculative.

Astrology Readings of Seventh Bhava: Weakness/affliction on the part of seventh house may cause problems in  professional relationships and business partnerships.  Usually, planets related with seventh indicate trading and selling/purchasing of things and services like shop, showroom, and independent skilled professions.

Nature of planets involved: Astrology readings of nature of planets involved are also very important while deciphering the suitability among Job and Business. Royal planets viz. the Sun and Moon, blesses one with good opportunities to have independent business.  Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, when strong and well placed; indicate high positions in job and society.  Strong Jupiter, Mercury and Venus give inclination towards skilled and independent professions.

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Marathi people in Pakistan Karachi


Marathi people in Pakistan Karachi

भोसले, जगताप, जाधव, सांडेकर, दुपटे… या आडनावांच्या माणसांची भेट कराचीत होईल, असे स्वप्नातही वाटले नव्हते. पण तसे घडले खरे. कराची प्रेस क्लबच्या निमंत्रणावरून पाकिस्तानभेटीवर गेलेल्या मुंबई प्रेस क्लबच्या पत्रकारांना या मराठी मंडळींना भेटण्याची संधी मिळाली. स्थानिक पत्रकारांकडून मिळवलेल्या फोन नंबरवर मराठीतून बोलल्यावर पलीकडून आनंदातिशयाने प्रतिसाद आला आणि ही मराठी मंडळी थेट भेटायलाच आली. त्यांच्याबरोबर संवाद साधताना ‘आम्ही इथे अगदी मजेत आणि सुरक्षित आहोत. नोकरी व्यवसाय उत्तम चाललेत’, अशीच भावना त्यांनी व्यक्त केली.

सध्या पाकिस्तानात तब्बल दोन हजार मराठी माणसे राहतात. त्यातील बहुसंख्य कराचीत आहेत. ‘श्री महाराष्ट्र पंचायत कराची’ या संस्थेशी ही सगळी मंडळी जोडलेली आहेत. परमेश जाधव या संस्थेचे अध्यक्ष. कराचीतल्या ‘गझीबा बॉम्बे चाट अँड मसाला डोसा’ या भारतीय पदार्थ मिळणाऱ्या मोठ्या रेस्तराँमध्ये मॅनेजर म्हणून काम करतात. फाळणीच्या आधीपासून अनेक वर्षे ही मंडळी तिथे आहेत. व्यापाऱ्यांसोबत मदतनीस, ड्रायव्हर, हमाल अशा कामांसाठी ही मराठी माणसे मुंबईहून कराचीला पोहचली असावीत. गेल्या शंभरेक वर्षांत त्यांनी महाराष्ट्राशी असलेले नाते कायम ठेवले आहे.

‘ आम्ही पाकिस्तानात सुखी आहोत. नोकरी व्यवसायातही भरभराट आहे. पण , आपल्या माणसांना मात्र भेटावेसे वाटते. कधी जेजुरी-तुळजापूरला जाऊन कुलदैवतेचे दर्शन घ्यायचे असते. हे जाणे-येणे सोपे व्हावे. दोन्ही देशांनी व्हिसा प्रक्रिया सोपी केली , तर हे शक्य होईल. तुम्ही आपल्या मराठी माणसांपर्यंत हा निरोप नक्की पोहचवा ‘, अशी कळकळीची विनंती पाकिस्तानातल्या मराठी माणसांनी मुंबई प्रेस क्लबच्या पत्रकारांना केली.

कराचीतील एका मल्टिनॅशनल कंपनीत काम करणाऱ्या दिलीप भोसले यांची सासुरवाडी मुंबईतल्या मुलुंडची. त्यांची पत्नी आणि मुली सध्या मुंबईत आल्या आहेत. रवी जगताप यांचे मूळ गाव पुण्याजवळचे खडकी. तर देवानंद सांडेकरांचे वडील मुंबईहून कराचीत आले होते. सांडेकरांना एकदा तरी मुंबईला यायचे आहे. एकदा येण्याचा प्रयत्न केला पण व्हिसा मिळाला नाही , त्यानंतर ते राहूनच गेले. विशाल राजपूतची आई मधुमती खरात मराठी आहे. तर गणेश गायकवाडांचे वडील पापडाचा व्यापार करायला कराचीत आले होते. त्यांची पत्नी पाकिस्तानातच जन्मली वाढली , पण सासू मात्र मुंबईकर आहे. कराचीभर प्रसिद्ध असलेली टेलरिंग फर्म तुळशीराम दुपटे या मराठी माणसाची आहे!

या मुस्लिमबहुल देशात तुम्हाला त्रास नाही का होत , या प्रश्नावर सगळ्यांचे ठाम उत्तर ‘ नाही ‘ असे होते. अपवाद म्हणून बाबरी मशिद पाडली तेव्हा दंगली झाल्या. पण , त्यावेळीही या मंडळींना वाचवले ते त्यांच्या मुस्लिम शेजाऱ्यांनी , असे त्यांनी सांगितले.

सांस्कृतिक बंध

नारळी पौर्णिमा , चैत्र पाडवा , दिवाळी , होळी हे सण ही मंडळी अगदी धुमधडाक्यात साजरे करतात. सार्वजनिक गणपती बसवतात. त्याचे विसर्जनही दणक्यात होते. पुरणपोळी आणि मोदकांसह आज महाराष्ट्रातही विस्मरणात गेलेले पुरणाचे कानवले आणि कडकणी हे पदार्थही त्यांच्या घरात होतात.

कोकण कनेक्शन

डॉन या पाकिस्तानातील आघाडीच्या वर्तमानपत्रात काम करणाऱ्या सिद्रा रोघे हिचेही कोकणाशी थेट नाते आहे. तिचे आजी-आजोबा मुरुडजवळच्या रेवदंड्याचे. फाळणीच्या वेळी चांगल्या नोकरीच्या शोधात ते कराचीला आले. पुन्हा कोकणात जाऊन लग्न केले. पाठोपाठ भाऊही कराचीत आला. पुढे भारत दाखवायला रोघे मुलांना घेऊन गेले होते , तेव्हा मात्र खूप संशयाने पाहिले गेले. त्यानंतर मात्र येणे झाले नाही. सिद्राला मात्र संधी मिळाली की , तिचे रूट्स शोधायला रेवदंड्याला यायचे आहे.
Marathi people in Pakistan Karachi

shree maharashtra panchayat karachi

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