Suicidal Tendencies in Vedic Horoscope

As per vedic astrology readings, second and seventh houses of a horoscope are considered Maraka (death causing) planets.  Similarly, the planets placed in second and seventh houses can cause death in relevant planetary periods.  In suicide cases, the roles of third and sixth houses are found prominent. Third house of a vedic astrology horoscope denotes about the initiatives and courage of a person; and if the initiatives of a person are having negative relationships with death inflicting planets, the person can commit suicide.

Similarly, the sixth house denotes enemies and inauspicious relationship of sixth house/lord with first, second, seventh or eighth house can make a person do enmity with his own self.  Second and seventh houses are maraka (death causing) houses and their lords are Marakesha (death inflicting planets).  The chances of suicidal tendencies are more in people having Watery or Airy ascendant as such people born in Watery or Airy Ascendant are more soft and emotional as compared to people born in Earthy or Fiery Sign.

In general, the following factors are to be analyzed to

  1. Strength of ascendant lord in comparison to eighth lord.
  2. Relationship between first and seventh lords and either/both of them being weak.
  3. Relationship between first and second lords and either/both of them being weak.
  4. Eighth lord’s  relationship with first and/or third lord/house.
  5. Relationship of the Moon with Saturn or eighth house.
  6. Relationship of third house/lord with second, sixth, seventh and/or eighth houses.
  7. Nodes can also cause psychological problems related to suicidal tendencies, when they are not having any relationship with any other planet.
  8. Operation of inauspicious planetary period.

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