Learn to be humble

Humility and simplicity are the characteristics of greatness. Humility is God’s nature. See God in everything, accept His will. Then one can only be humble because one sees that whatever happens in life, positive or negative, is His will. Humility is total acceptance.

The mind should be expanded to embrace and accommodate the whole universe within. As soon as you realise you are small, the ego disappears. We will feel that we have no refuge other than God, and the negative vasanas (tendencies) will fall off by themselves. Only by trying to become smaller than the smallest, does one become greater than the greatest. By developing the attitude of being everyone’s servant, one becomes the master. Only he who bows down even to a shava (corpse) becomes Shiva.

When our ego is made to bow low in front of the Supreme and His creation, visualising everything as Him, our real nature unfolds. An egoless person cannot die, because he is not a body anymore. He is Consciousness.

The beginner is able to bow down with humility, and because of this, true knowledge flows into him. A person full of mere information becomes egotistic. So he cannot bow down and be humble. Everybody wants to become a leader. In reality, the world is badly in need of servants, not leaders. A real servant is a real leader who serves the people without ego and egocentric desires.

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