How is the caste system of the earlier genaration?

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Here we Observe and Analyse Ancient Indian Stories and Scriptures, Symbols mentioned in them and old Indian Rituals So let us know what knowledge is hidden within them So let us go in the segment of Stories and Scriptures and Find out.. what is hidden in the Scriptures ?

Friends today we will speak about Caste System You all must already be aware that whenever we speak about Caste it is defined in these four categories Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra But Caste actual means in Hindi as ‘Jati’ Which according to the Scriptures defines one’s Community or the group in which one chooses to stay.

However, the four Categories which we are discussing actually refers to as ‘Varna’ – which defines nature of work which one do according to his/her skills It is very Sad that in Society due to these categories people are discriminated massively injustice and inequality still prevails and it is increasing know why? all because we try tagging people with a ‘Varna’ by birth A ‘Varna’ cannot be determined Since Birth It is not only me but our Scriptures also say the same Like it is Quoted in Bhagwad Geeta 18.4.

It is even Stated in Mahabharata’s Shanti Parva Let us First understand what Exactly the Scriptures mean by ‘Gunas’ Guna means ‘Nature’ or ‘Attributes’ Basis on which in Olden Times a person’s Occupation was Decided And Social Order was also set on Basis of Gunas Exactly how in Modern Times we have Human Resource Management Whichever Candidate come for a Job in a company he goes through the Human resource Dept They Test the Seeker’s Skills, Knowledge and Attributes.

And as per his credibility he is been offered a Position As per Bhagawad Geeta Every person has three Gunas, Let us assume a Party Scene A Young Man Enters the party and Starts drinking in excitement within some time he goes on the dance floor and starts dancing super excitedly Such type of characteristics is ‘Rajas Guna’

these traits sums up Rajas Guna Now another person enters this party She seems not quite interested in getting involved She does not interact with any friends Seems Lazy and getting Bored Such characteristics may be of ‘Tamas Guna’.

Now Enters a third person This person comes and interacts with everyone he gets involved and mixed with people has limited drinks and is composed in the environment He carries himself well with intelligence Such are the Traits of Satva Guna.

Every person in this World is a Mixture of all these three Gunas Satva, Rajas and Tamas is in every person in certain Percentage but this percentage varies Mostly out of these three Gunas, any ONE Guna is always Dominant in each person Let us take an Example Assume in a Colony in a house a Couple is Fighting And in a while the husband gets violent and starts beating the wife and sounds of screaming spreads in locality.

At that time a neighbor with Tamasik Guna will think why do I bother, whatever happens doesnt affect me Although a Neighbor with a dominant Rajas Guna Will get angry and will think of getting in betwn the fight.

But a Satvik Guna Dominant Neighbor will prefer calling Police after judging the situation Now when you have understood the Gunas better Let us understand how it is transcribed as Varnas for individuals Assume a person has 70% Tamasik Guna 20% Rajasik Guna and 10% Satvik Guna.

We can say that Such combination person has traits of Shudra Varna In such persons being Tamasik Guna Dominant they tend to be more lazy and are attracted to material pleasures easily such person has less satva guna so every work has to be made clear to them and explained in detail so the persons who had such traits in them in olden days they were given service related jobs If we compare with modern era then Executives and Workers who are needed to be explained everything in detail to get work done.

Now assume a person has 25% Tamasik Guna 40% Rajasik Guna and 35% Satvik Guna So we can call a person with these Traits as of Vaishya Varna Such people have all Gunas almost Equal they are intelligent, excited and also attracted to Material Pleasures In olden times people with such attributes were given responsibility of doing Trade.

if we compare to Modern world then Sr Executives, Mid Level Managers No assume a person has 10% Tamasik Guna, 20 % Satvik Guna but 70% Rajasik Guna We can say that person with such traits is of Kshatriya Varna They are Passionate and Fast Moving.

They are the Risk Takers Therefore in olden times persons like these were put in Army If we compare with our world Sr Managers, Vice-presidents etc who are Risk-Takers.

Now assume a person has 10% Tamasik Guna, 20% Rajasik Guna But has 70% Satvik Guna We can call a person with such Traits as of Brahmin Varna In fact Brahmin Word means One who is aware of all Vedic Knowledge.

Such people are Intelligent and Decision Makers therefore in olden times in a society or City They performed a role of Decision Making they later became Priests in Temples so that they can teach People Vedic Wisdom Such people were also kept as Advisors in Royal courts We can compare such position in our corporate as Managing Directors or CEOs who are Decision Makers.

Now assume a person’s proportions of gunas who has traits of Brahmin varna Changes! In case his Satva guna Reduces! His Varna automatically Changes If any person whose traits are of Shudra Varna Increases his Satva Guna then He can acquire Brahmin Varna Similarly, how it happens in Corporate Companies today Any Person’s Varna cannot be decided upon Birth It is because No Person in this world at birth is by default of Shudra Varna Because a new born’s Gunas are not Developed and is unknown about things.

A Baby’s Varna gets highlighted once he/she grows up as his/her Gunas slowly develops with age with education, knowledge and skills therefore in our vedas, Shudra Varna has been said to be the Foundation And other Varnas as Dwija Varna So we can conclude that Varna automatically changes as per his proportions of Gunas.

Sage Vyasa was born to a Shudra caste Woman but by Work he became a Brahmin and created such a big Epic.

He was raised in a Shudra Caste Family and rumoured to be a goon in his early days he also achieved a Brahmin varna by his Work But as time flew Varna System got Corrupted and people started recognizing Castes with Surnames And it became a family Tradition to pass on Varna.

Another thing is there which In India many people Misinterpret Mentioned in Vedas, that Brahmin Varna Came out of Lord Vishnu’s Head Out of his Hands came the Kshatriya Varna Out of his Stomach came the Vaishya Varna and out of his Legs came the Shudra Varna.

let me first clarify that in vedas it is not mentioned that any Varna came out of Vishnu’s Body Rather it is mentioned that Vishnu’s hand is Brahmin Varna, Vishnu’s Hands are Kshatriya Now just Imagine, If a Baby is born out of a Mother’s Womb We wont say that the child is the Mother’s Stomach then why the Scriptures mention this way?

It has been purposely mentioned in Vedas Vishnu is a metaphor who represents any group of People.

E.g if Vishnu Represents a Society Brahmin Varna formed the Decision Making part of Society like in Modern World a Country’s Head is the Government Society’s Hands were Kshatriyas Same in Modern times the Army works for any country.

Similarly the Stomach of Society were the Vaishya Varna Like Modern Day Businesses and Companies And Legs of Society were Shudra Varna In modern day you may compare with people doing Jobs in Society providing Services to govt and Private organisations.

You may consider any Group in this Varna System You will find the four levels applicable in any Group or organisation.

but friends just because Brahmin Varna is Decision making Varna they became Superior and Shudra Varna is Service providing So they became inferior to them is NOT TRUE Because a body’s Head is as important as a Body’s Leg is to any human Therefore this concept has been mentioned in Vedas by stating vishnu as a METAPHOR.

We can actually use this Varna Caste System in our Lives You can Evaluate people on basis of their Gunas and recruit them as per your needs.

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