I had talked about rice earlier in short and today also I would like to talk about rice in detail so you are welcome to Ayurveda our program. let’s first talk about the nature of rice is cold in nature that’s why people who urinate frequently or who have lots of pain like back pain or suffering from a slip disc problem in these kinds of problems we suggest to stop the intake of rice.

When we are curing with ayurvedic methods so that its effect shows fast and when they feel better then they can take it button limit, so as I said it’s cold in nature but it’s easily digestible that’s why rice can be given in any age from kids to elderly.

And if you’re consuming rice at night then take care it’s not bad but when cooking it then use bay leaf black cardamom cloves if anyone has body heat then remove them while eating as it would have left the effect in the rice but to whom rice aggravates sinus and cough then for them.

Eat the cloves along but it should not be a habit to eat rice and night see the rice is a thing that we eat in the afternoon it gets easily digested by the evening urination come work done now let me tell you what else are rice benefits whoever has constipation lose motion ibs stomach is very fragile condition and always feel like eating bread and its variants, I would suggest them curtail these cravings for a while and you can eat rice because rice is light it’ll digest easily and keep your stomach light.

There will be no load on your stomach ibs to sentry will get cured faster with medicine rice is good for eyes also it is cool in nature. that’s why when rice mixed with milk and made as a porridge called as kheer this will bring deep sleep try giving this porridge to a person for few days continuously you yourself will say that person started getting deep sleep if the person’s sleep is a little disturbed one or getting a lot of dreams it’s not a sound sleep then do give this porridge to them just take care when you are eating this milk rice porridge then you will not consume any salty item at the same time absolutely not along with it either one or before the meal or one hour after the meal.

So you could eat it as a meal by adding mixed dry fruits along with almond pistachios anything these were the benefits of rice cooked with milk now.

Let’s talk about people who have cough mucus or sinus problem, whether they can eat or not till that time one has cuff sinus problem they should avoid it totally even by putting black cardamom or others what I had told earlier when this problem does come in control then there is a relaxation to consume rice with those spices and eating rice and bread item together delivers double carbs into the body.

Due to this weight increase, due to its cool nature rice surely will increase the weight that’s why who wants to reduce their weight they remove the starch from the boiled rice and say that we are eating do not eat that rice if you had to eat it by removing the water then what’s the benefit it is holding no value it will not provide any benefit other than it will just aggravate gas cause the moisture benefit of rice you have removed.

See when a person is ill then this starch is especially given to them so that they get strength but now when you have removed the same energy-filled water in the name of that weight should not increase so I’ll give the solution when you’re boiling the rice put potato in that the combination of potato and rice does not allow the weight to increase.

And one more thing you can do putting in black cardamom bay leaf the dry whole spices will not allow increasing your weight or diabetes, also but take it in limit do not intake wheat and rice together thin people can take both simultaneously double calorie double carb will go in some will be used up in body’s action some will get stored in the glycogen within, so these were the points which I wanted to tell other than this I have seen that rice fulfils thirst banks very nicely.

So people whose mouth dries up tongue dries up throat always feels dry burning sensation is high acidity is there for all this rice is good now which things, when added with rice, will enhance its quality one like I said mixing rice with milk is very good then rice if add sugar candy in it or sugar powder not made of chemicals but organic or mix clarified butter in it and mix and eat that sweet rice.

This will benefit you a lot because clarified butter increases rice moisture properties now like when kids have to grow they could be given fried rice it will give the body the strength very fast and will help to increase the weight other than this increases vitality will reduce.

The body heat will let the body feel light as it is easy to digest like there is a place where cementing has been done then the worker says do not step on this for two three days and sprinkle water on it the same way when you have constipation lose motion then eat polenta fries with potato yellow lentils absolutely slurpy so this will give rest to the stomach so you will not have to starve also and will get the benefit of rice too

One important request, do write this information because I want that it should reach every house earlier I didn’t use to say this but I’m requesting because I feel so many people come to me there are so many illness and one person cannot do everything so do spread awareness further then only we could get it to people’s conscious because see what happens mostly by eating wrong things we don’t know we invite illness to us so this should not happen. Don’t eat rice a lot then also when the stomach is twisting that time when you have to eat them.

You eat rice dosa rice is boiled when you made douche of it then rice gets heat onto it so it absorbs the heat so it will not increase the cold inside now rice becomes good for them for whom rice increases cold or sinus so they can consume dosa for some time other than this the flattened rice which we call as poha in Hindi this is very less in calories in comparison to rice so people who have diabetes who has to lose weight if they shift to flattened rice put vegetables in it small cut carrots capsicum beans small sugar candies little peanuts you need.

This much also then also your stomach will fill very fast and some mustard seed in oil you could squeeze lemon on it and have it this becomes a wholesome meal of flattened rice when you take rice with lentils then it reduces its cold nature all the spices and protein and lentils covers it so this doesn’t allow to inflammation pain still who suffers from acute pain for some time to avoid it so these were all about the rice since it easily gets digested everyone wants to eat it increases the hunger also do imbibe these things in your lifestyle. I wish you all are blessed with happiness that’s it for today namaskar.

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