Naga sadhus flock to Nashik ahead of the first shahi snaan


The Peshwai rally of the Anand Akhada took place amidst much fervour at Trimbakeshwar recently . Naga sadhus clad in loincloths, garlands and rudraksh beads with bhasma smeared over their bodies walked in the rally . For many onlookers, this was their first time watching the dumru and trishul-carrying sadhus walking on the streets.

Naga sadhus
Naga sadhus
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Naga sadhus

The Nagas were well-guarded by other sadhus amidst all the excitement around. Many people rushed to click a quick photo with the sadhus and one of the sadhus even turned into a photographer for a while as he clicked photos of his companions. The rally also had other volunteer groups shouting slogans and spreading awareness about harassment of women. Monika Kadam, a volunteer, said, “It’s high time men stop treating women as slaves and learn to respect them.“


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