Dattatreya mantra for success

  • ॐ नमो महासिद्धाय स्वाहा | 
  • ॐ द्राम दत्तात्रेयाय नमः | 
  • ॐ दत्तगुरु ॐ | 
  • ॐ दत्तात्रेयाय गुरवे नमः | 
  • श्रीदत्त जय दत्त | 
  • दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा | 
  • अवधूत निरंजन श्री गुरुदेव दत्त | 


Lord Datta is Master of all masters. Lord Datta devotion is praying to Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. You will get DattaKrupa if you chant any one of above mantras continuously, you will get everything what you wish. This is experienced by many Lord Datta Devotees.

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1 thought on “Dattatreya mantra for success”

  1. I am an aesthetic person,but facing so many problems in my life.What can I do,which god should I worship most.Give me entire plan to worship,chant stotras etc.


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