Raavan as the villain, he is a hero in the eyes of Aarya Babbar

I was born to play Raavan
While many label Raavan as the villain, he is a hero in the eyes of Aarya Babbar. The actor is making his fiction debut in Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan as Raavan. “I was offered several projects on TV , but I wanted to debut with a powerful and exclusive role,“ he says, adding, “Raavan was a doting son, a loving brother and a great king. He was extremely intelligent. He fought for his sister’s pride. No man will sit at home quietly when his sister has been insulted. He is a strong character and a misunderstood hero.“His description of the character could well be that of Aarya, who’s extremely close to his family. Does he relate to the character? He replies, “I am a doting son and a caring brother as well. As a kid, when I would go to watch Ramleela with my father, I would be particularly attracted to the magnanimous character. I have read innumerable books to learn more about him.It’s like I was preparing for the part years before it was offered to me. It feels as if I was born to play Raavan. He is timeless and someone who’s relevant even today . According to books, he was very handsome and intelligent.He had an IQ of 10 heads and that made him interestingly mad and crazy .“[ad name=”HTML”]We hear that Aarya puts his vast knowl edge about the character to good use dur ing the shoot. “I am an actor, who fol ng the shoot. “I am an actor, who fol lows the script. However, I do give them inputs whenever needed,“ says the actor.

Apart from reading about the character, Aarya has also under gone a physical makeover to look the part and has grown a mous tache. “I invest a lot of energy into playing the role. It requires a power ful body language and gestures.

Keeping a moustache has been a serious challenge.

Another one being wearing the crown which weighs five kilos. I have to make head movements with it resting on my head. Not to forget the heavy jewellery I wear during the shoot,“ he says.

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan airs Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.


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