Chalisa meaning in English or Meaning of Chalisa

Meaning of Chalisa

Chalisa meaning Forty Poetic Lines Or Verses Or Shlokas to Praise/Stotra or Prayer to Ishwara or Lord or Superpower of nature with immense devotion from heart of devotee. Chalisa name meaning origin is in Hindi and Marathi Language, as “40” number call as Chalis. and this “Poem of praise or Description of Lord” writing style is 40 shlokas or verses.

Hanuman Chalisa is best chalisa to recite everyday with understanding meaning, even you can recite without knowing of meaning. It gives fruits to reciter. And you will come to know some different meaning automatically while you will recite, whevever you will get new meaning you aatma will get filled by pure satvik devotion.

And one day you will get trans meditation experience by reciting again and again like you can read Hanuman chalisa 11 time everyday, this experience starts from day 40, so you should continue chanting hanuman chalisa for 40 days, as everyday 11 times. While chanting keep  Lord Hanuman’s photo in front of you, lit oil lamp and start reciting in middle speed (means not fast not so slow). Meaning of Hanuman Chalisa you can read here.

Keep in mind that devotion changes everything, even Krishna said in Geeta “Shraddhavan labhate dnyanam”.

This experiment or Sadhana you can do with other God’s Chalisa like

Shree Ganesh Chalisa

If you read Ganesh Chalisa by understanding meaning your Life will become smooth and you can lead life with success. Your intuition power will get develop. You will get guidance from Supreme power.  You will get bliss in atman. God Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and gives satvik knowledge.

Shree Vishnu Chalisa

Lord Vishnu, is parent of universe, he always keep happy to all nature. However, Lord Brahma has made this universe and Lord Shiva destroys it. Lord Vishnu always favours the best and the pure.

Shree Surya Chalisa

Shree Shani Chalisa

On this site you will get more than 51 chalisa.

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