Expertise: Tarot

Qualifications: A PhD in English literature, she says that all para-psychological matters need a thorough study and constant reading on the subject. Doesn’t believe that any prescribed course helps because Tarot depends heavily on intuition as well as interpretation.

Taste of success: A retired judge from Dehradun had to undergo a hernia operation. He was extremely scared, but his son and daughter-in-law wanted him to go ahead with it. While doing the spread of cards, Patel discovered the possibility of a cardiac complication. As the judge’s cardiologist was not available at that time, he decide to defer the operation by a month. When the operation did take place, an overdose of anaesthesia led to a cardiac problem, but the situation was salvaged due to the presence of the cardiologist.

Clientele: Film stars, models, judges, industrialists.

Fee: No charges

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