Expertise: Tarot

Qualifications: Intuitive from childhood, she first heard of Tarot in the early ’70s, when there were no books she could consult. Later, she was gifted a book and her first pack of Tarot cards and she would do readings for herself. In the mid ’80s, her daughter presented her with a pack of Rider Wait Tarot cards. Since then, she’s been interpreting the Tarot for hundreds of people.

Taste of success: Recently, a new singer, whose album launch was getting delayed for almost an entire year, was told by the Tarot that it would happen in five days. Exactly five days later, the music company announced the release. A wealthy lady from Bandra, Mumbai, whose husband had left her, was asked to walk to and fro a religious place daily. In a matter of weeks, he was back, having changed his mind.

Clientele: Film and television actors, directors, businessmen, housewives, career women and teenagers.

Fees: Rs 1000 per consultation.

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