Master Mahatria Ra

Every tree, every flower has a season. Everyone will experience spring in their lives, not just once, but over and over.


The rise and fall of every human being has its effect on the overall human consciousness. Every lesson learnt, every mistake committed, every error corrected, every discovery, every invention, every insight, every idea, every revelation, every talent unfolded, every limit redefined, every thought released, every vibration experienced… by every individual paints yet another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness.

When ‘a’ man lives his life with heightened awareness, his life helps humanity to gain a few years of maturity without having to live those few years. In effect, he fast-forwards humanity by a few years.

Seldom in life, comes a Soul who walks amongst men and shows them how to live from a higher level of consciousness. Mahatria Ra, a true believer in human potential driven by love and compassion, has been tirelessly working towards evolving the collective human consciousness, expanding it far beyond perceived limitations.

Known for his inspirational thoughts, Mahatria is an impassioned propagator of value-based living and holistic development. A compelling presence on stage, he breaks down the most complicated aspects of life and presents them in a contemporary language that everybody understands. Having addressed crowds across the globe, he has been inspiring breakthroughs, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Mahatria has gone on to transform hundreds of thousands of lives which include top notch businessmen, global leaders, musicians, sportspersons and students by providing significant breakthroughs in their lives.

Mahatria, is a spiritualist, endowed with a deep connectivity to existence and enormous spiritual strength, he guides people in their quest for self-realisation. He has brought meditation to the common man, and in his presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. Across the globe he is highly revered by all those who have experienced him. He, for one, believes that the messenger should be the message. His skill in harmonising the materialistic and spiritual worlds is gracefully reflected in his lifestyle.

He has also authored 3 best-sellers. ‘Unposted Letter’, published in 7 languages, ‘Most and more’, available in 2 languages and ‘Clarity is Power’.

In the larger perspective, his vision is also to bring much needed dramatic changes to the prevailing education system and to create a paradigm shift in the attitudes of the teaching faculty, so as to better equip every child with an empowering personality. His ongoing effort in this direction through the ‘Subject +’ programs has touched innumerable educational institutions, a number that is increasing by the day.

A few of the spontaneous discourses to a live audience have been brought out as DVDs and Audio CDs and have been received very well. Seekers, who have ever experienced Him will vouch that His discourses aren’t mere transference of words, but transference of energy.

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