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20 best products and categories to sell products online

So you want to sell online! and are searching for such products that sell quickly. Today I will tell you 20 such products and niche categories that you can sell this year. How do I know all this? Based on my experience, and tracking data of these products. Search traffic for these products and niche categories has started increasing. So for sure, many products from these will stand out as winners this year. Out of these products, you will definitely be familiar with some of these products, but some products might also be such, that will completely surprise you.

Let’s learn something new today!

Product no. 1 Resistance Band, a lot of people have heard about this product. but if the market of this product was saturated, I would never suggest it. The reason why it is still a hot selling product? because people are still preferring to exercise at home. and the global pandemic is still not over. So this is the reason, why home gyming equipment is selling more and more. And resistance band is one such home gyming equipment, that is neither too expensive, nor too heavy, and with this, you can do a lot of exercises. 1 tip to increase the sales of this product. Sell resistance band bundled with a jump rope. This is one ultimate combination to get more and more sales.

Product no. 2: Beard Oil I told you some products might surprise you.  Thanks to celebrities like Ranveer Singh, and Virat Kohli These days, a lot of sellers have started keeping beards. And all those people want that their beard to stay silky and lush. That’s why you can explore this beard niche. I would recommend that you start your business with beard oil and when your business becomes a but stable, then invest in other beard products like beard wax, beard comb and many more

Product no. 3: Acupressure Mats No need to be surprised! For any product, this year, that is associated with health and well being, the probability of their selling is highest.  These mats may look pointed and scary to look at, But on exercising, they give a lot of relief to the user and profit to the seller.

Product no. 4: Laptop Skins Yes! I was also surprised to see this product. This product is stable for the last 5 years and is now growing. because people want to beautify all their things and also want to appear trendy. This product comes in various colours and designs. One special tip to sell this product – First of all, try if you can get customized designs made for this If you can not get customized designs made, then try to select only unique designs to sell. and above all, you can sell this through visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Product no. 5: Infrared thermometer Yes, yes, yes. We all know that this product has sold a lot last year. but that does not mean that there is saturation Keeping the COVID scenario in consideration, this year also, the probability of selling of this product is very high. So you can explore this market also.

Product no. 6: Cat and Dog Beds Pet supplies have always been in trend. and their demand is growing day over day. Actually its exploding. So, you can invest in this category also. But for this, there is one advice – The traditional design that is available in the market or the design that most people are selling the same design that other people are selling, stay away from those. Try that you sell different design and that design is also ergonomic, Ok, the next product is going to really surprise you. and you would not have even dreamt about this product.

Product no. 7: Vintage Rugs are on a rise. I don’t know why! Might be because people are staying more at home, or they are moving towards the simple life. Whatever the reason But, these vintage rugs are selling like hotcakes! Now let’s go from inside to outside the house.

Product no. 8 Garden Tools Even now, due to the pandemic, travelling has not opened up. and most of the people stay at home and to keep themselves engaged, they are trying new hobbies and gardening is one of them. so because of this only, there is a boom in gardening tools and accessories. so you can try this niche also. Now many people must be thinking that it is winters, so who will buy gardening related product.

On the contrary, this is the perfect time to launch your store related to gardening products Why? Because if you launch your store or business related to gardening tools right now, then you can easily, For a store to get optimized, or a listing to rank and get optimized it easily takes about 1-2 months so when, after 2 months, when searches will increase, your product might be ranking in the top 10 pages or top 10 So, I would suggest this is the perfect time to launch your store or launch your Amazon business with gardening tools.


 Product no. 9: Jigsaw Puzzles. The reason is simple. Most of the people are spending time at home. and they want to do some activity which the whole house can do together and all members of the family can be involved in the activity. So, the jigsaw puzzle is one of the best product for this kind of activity. Why? Because, neither these are too expensive nor too heavy and the biggest thing there is no game rules in this so obviously no family fighting.

Product no. 10: Power Tools These days, people are spending time at home. And because of spending time at home, there are noticing the shortcomings of home too. and to fix these shortcomings, some tools are required. and if we consider the scenario of COVID, then people are still reluctant to call someone from outside to fix these things. and they are trying that they are able to do these small fixes themselves. So, a power tool is a good niche, in which you can invest this year.

but a tip for new sellers – if you want to invest in this category or want to do business in this category, then stay away from dangerous power tools.

you can do business in basic power tools like the magnetic bracelet in which the nuts bolts get stuck due to the magnet.

So, power tools that are dangerous, new sellers should stay away from them.

Product no. 11: Security Cameras This category is growing year over year for the last 3 years and if you are thinking to sell in this category then, deal in wifi security camera and mini security cameras only. Don’t deal in any other type of camera.

Product no. 12: Posture Correctors We all work too much in fact professionals not only work in an office but also at home. and now the culture of work from home is here.  that’s why posture issues have also increased a lot. This category is still unexplored and is growing day over day. So, this product is really good if you are starting a new business. Posture Corrector is very good products which can be worn inside the clothes so it is not even visible. so many people are using this to correct their posture. One big tip for this category – That is searches for ‘Posture corrector for men’ are really high on google. with respect to ‘Posture Correct for Women’. So, if you want to deal in this category or sell in this category then do remember these tips.

Product no. 13: Ladder Bookshelves This product has been performing steadily since 2011 And since the coming of the Zoom Meetings or Video Meetings culture, people have started focusing a lot on their background. And this is the reason sales of Ladder Bookshelves is going up up and up. So, if you want to start your business with the Home Decor category, then this is the right product.

Product no. 14: Baby Clothes have always been in demand.  but if you see the google search results, then searches month over month, since March, have been going up up and up! And this is being speculated, that after 9 months since the first lockdown, there will be a baby boom. and these babies will need clothes. So, The baby category or baby clothes category has already been in demand and it is expected to grow exponentially. So, if you are dealing in baby clothes, then this is a very good category. to start with or to expand your business in it.

 Product no. 15: Pendant Lights These lights have always been in demand and their trend is increasing day over day. Whether it is the dining area or kitchen area everybody like to use these lights. and the best part about this product is it is available in many designs and shapes. So, if you deal in lights or planning to, then this is a good product to start.

Product no. 16: Car Vacuum Cleaner Even though people are not travelling, one has to maintain the car, its cleaning is important.  and this product is selling like anything. 2 important tips – First try to sell small vacuum cleaners. whose size is small. And for the same, the second tip. SEO tip Use the word – Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner so that the rank of your listing can come in the top 10. and because of this, your sale can grow exponentially.

Product no. 17: Laser Hair Remover For some time now, searches for hair remover and laser hair remover in Google, have increased a lot. Hair Removal products are in demand. So, you can try this category also. In this category, look at those products which are quick and easy to use.

 Product no. 18: Teeth Whitening Strip These days, Social Media is so much at the boom, that everyone is uploading their smiling face on social media. And people get conscious in front of the camera if their teeth are yellow.

Product no. 19: Organic Skin Care Like a said during the pandemic people are paying a lot of attention to their health and well being, and skincare is one of them. The demand for organic skincare is increasing because it’s eco friendly. so you can explore this niche also.

Product no. 20: the last niche on our list is solar power products It is very easy to market these products. Just use the keyword eco friendly, last long, do not require any batteries. In this niche, solar panels, solar chargers and solar lights are performing really well. Just add Sun power to your business.

So these are the 20 products that you can sell and I am pretty sure many products from these will stand out as winners.

Now you tell me in comments, which product or niche you liked, that you will try to sell this year.

Till then, Keep Selling, Keep Smiling.

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