“Chaturasya Kalidasasya” – The Clever Kalidasa – short moral stories in sanskrit with english translation

King bhoj once proclaimed, “if any poet reads a new poem in my
Court , I shall give him one lakh rupees’. Having heard this
Indeed many poets thronged the palace in order to read their

However, in the court there were several scholars who could
Re-recite a poem completely just after having listened to it once.
Then there were others who could re-recite it after they had heard
It twice, and yet others who could do it after the third reading.

So whenever any poet came and read his new poem, some
Scholars sad, this is not really new. See, we also know it. Then
They recited the whole poem. Then those who could remember
Things after they had heard it twice said the same thinf and recited
The poem. Then those who remembered things after they had
Heard them thrice did the same thing. Hence no poet was able to
Claim the lakh rupees.

Kalidasa didnt really like this. He took one poet to his room,
And gave him the following subhashhita –

O king bhoj, let there be good ! You are the (greatest) just and
True-speaker in the whole world. 99 crores of precious stones
Belonging to me were taken by your father. Give them back t me,
O king .. All the scholars in your court know that this is true. If
They do not, then they do not know my poem either. Then give me
The lakh !

The poet read this poem in the court. None of the scholars were
Able to say that they knew this poetry . So the poet got one lakh
Rupees. Kalldasa was indeed clever !

short moral stories in sanskrit with english translation


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