‘Shiv Baraat’ Blockade In Deogarh | What Is Escalating Hinduphobia Across The World? | Blueprint

In this episode of Blueprint Explosive Exclusive, Times Now news anchor Meghna Deka exposes the truth of the communal scuffle that turned to arson, and stone pelting in the Palamu district of Jharkhand. It’s been reported that the Holy Place of the Mosque was turned into the ‘Launchpad of violence’ for the Rioters. Shivratri Puja Committee allegedly said. ‘The stone Pelting started from the Mosque’s roof.’ The petrol bombs and glass bottles were thrown at the people from the Mosque Roof. Doctor Khatri, spokesperson of JMM said. ‘The administration took up the control to seize the scuffle otherwise the clash would have been turned horrific.’

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