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job problems – planetary vedic astrology horoscope

The movable signs and operation of negative planetary periods causes job problems like  instability and/or changes in  job.  The influence and/ or operation of sixth lord main or sub-period generates fear of losing job or causes disciplinary/ legal problems.  The influence and/ or operation of eighth house lord main or sub-period causes obstruction and delays in professional matters.  While the influence and/or operation of twelfth house lord causes changes and losses in job.  The planets having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may also cause job problems during their planetary dasha.



In this vedic astrology birth chart, tenth lord Mercury is exalted in tenth house creating Bhadra Yoga.  Lord of second and third houses Saturn is exalted in eleventh house.  Despite this the native faced job problems and his health also suffered during the main-period of Saturn.  The reasons behind is the placement of ascendant lord Jupiter in twelfth house, operation of Saturn’s Maha Dasha when Saturn is not only a Maraka planet for Sagittarius ascendant but also exalted in Movable sign.  In addition to this, the first house is also under aspect of Saturn and eighth lord Moon. The job problems surfaced during the Rahu Anter Dasha which is exalted in sixth house of the vedic astrology horoscope.  Planetary period of two strong negative planets did not allow the native to get settled.

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Specialty of Indian Astrology

Specialty of Indian Astrology

There are several differences between western and Hindu methods. Western astrologers follow a system of presenting the planets as they are in the sky, which is known as sayana system. Hindu astrologers follow nirayana system wherein the shift of the earth is taken off called ayanamsha.

Vimshottari dasa that treats the human life span to 120 years is most reliable one and is also widely followed.

Hindu astrology has well developed methods for matching charts for marriage/business partnership. Election astrology (muhurta) is well developed in Hindu astrology by study of stellar behavior. In western system, the matching is done merely by characteristics of signs like watery, fiery, etc, and muturta is done with reference to significators of the natal chart.

In western system the annual chart used to find the results of  a year from birth day to next birth day is merely a simple mathematical progression of natal chart.  But, the Hindu system uses different charts as on birth day, a chart is made for the time when Sun enter the same position as in the natal chart and position of other planets are found out.  Even a dasha system is used.

When it comes to mundane charts, in western world charts are made for a new year which eventually begins at zero hours  standard time of a country which is  in no way related to planetary movement.

Hindus have a good tool box and the Westerner’s is still primitive.  Astrologer should know when and how to use them.

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