Modi chalisa full in hindi – NaMo Chalisa

Modi chalisa full in hindi
Modi chalisa full in hindi

Modi chalisa full in hindi – NaMo Chalisa


Allahabad. Narendra Modi is now being worshiped as God.

We are talking here of a village in Uttar Pradesh, where Modi is being worshiped as God.

Bhagwanpur UP village dubbed Modi Modi owner is a fan of them.

Modi’s fan BIJENDRA Narayan Mishra village has a temple priest.

The ancient temple of Lord Shiva, he Mishra same priest statue is a statue of Narendra Modi.

जय नरेन्द्र ग्यान गुन सागर |
जय मोदी तिहुँ लोक उजागर ||
राष्ट्रदूत अतुलित बलधामा |
दामोदर पुत्र नरेन्दर नामा ||
तुम उपकार राष्ट्र पर कीन्हा |
कच्छ संवारि स्वर्ग सम कीन्हा ||
माया, मुलायम थर थर काँपैं |
काँग्रेस को चिंता व्यापै ||
नासहि सपा मिटैं बसपाई |
खिलै कमल फूलैं भजपाई ||
साधु संत के तुम रखबारे |
असुर निकंदन राष्ट्रदुलारे ||
संत रसायन तुम्हरे पासा |
सदा रहहु भारत के दासा ||
भारत विश्वगुरु बन जावै |
जब मोदी दिल्ली मैं आवै ||
चीन पाक दोउ निकट न आवै |
जब मोदी को नाम सुनावै ||
नासहिं दुष्ट और अपराधा |
भ्रष्टाचार मिटावहिं बाधा ||
करहि विकास स्वर्ग सम सुंदर |
बनहि राम को सुंदर मंदिर ||
असुर निवारि सुरन्ह कौ थापैं |
राहुल सोनिया कबहुँ न व्यापै ||
मोदी मंत्र एक सम जाना |
करहि विकास राष्ट्र सनमाना ||
भारत राष्ट्र पराक्रमशाली |
होहि सिद्ध यह शंशय नाही ||
जय मोदी ||

He is not to promote him to the temple of Modi, but Modi is designed for prayer to become PM. Namo Namotemple, the temple known as the Village People are calling.

Worship in the temple with Modi Modi Modi Chalisa devotee is also read. Modi to the Prime Minister of India has been lit in the temple is an everlasting light. The lamp will be lit continuously for 125 days.

Modi said the man BIJENDRA Narayan Mishra even if by doing so they are forced to listen to people’s criticisms but the best results will come in the future for the country. Mishra said that Modi is the only country in which such person stability, security and prosperity can bring.

He is something for everyone in the country, so I thought that the country needs a leader like Modi, we strive to provide for them, why not divine. Namo Namotemple slowly gaining popularity among people. For a glimpse of the village people are coming around.

Mishra Modi particular thing as dress like their beards. Shiva statue in the temple next to Modi is engaged in four feet. It’s believed that Lord Shiva Modi villagers will live long. Modi’s longevity for which the villagers do Mahmritunjaya chant.





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