Gemini 2016 Horoscope 2016 forecast is based on Moon Sign

Gemini 2016 Horoscope

Gemini (Mithun)

2016 forecast is based on Moon Sign.

2016 horoscope for you shows an excellent year. This is the year of progress that you have been waiting for. Support & growth would come in from various quarters and all these positive moves would come in due to your very dynamic & hard working approach towards work this year.

Possibility of some real estate related progress after August 2016. You need to be careful about a false accusation or loss of position till July 2016.

Hard work & hurdles would exist simultaneously this year. Pressures & results would peak between 25th March & 14th August 2016.

Another special skill that would come up would be your networking & marketing skills. There would be growth & expansion due to that now. Relations with siblings could be poor.

2016 Astrology suggests that you will peak & make the maximum progress between March & July 2016. Excellent growth prospects would come up during this time.

Gemini 2016 Career Horoscope: 2016 is a year of progress and some very interesting developments at work. You will find a lot of growth and progress but the cost of growth and progress would not be less as there would be high pressures, lot of activity and major changes at work in your work environment. You will be in a very aggressive, hardworking and very focused phase for work related matters throughout the year. There will be a certain amount of precision and high energy in all the activities that you do. Amongst various other developments, one of the major highlights of career progress would be the ability to overcome competition, wipe out any threats that are against you and you will find that eventually this year will see excellent growth prospects due to ability to work ruthlessly. The year actually begins with some sort of a disadvantage as your public image will not support the level of growth that you are looking for.

Despite working hard the element of trust will keep on eluding you till August 2016. After August that will change and your public image will undergo a major change and that would bring in a very high amount of growth and progress for you. You will connect with a large number of people and your increased client base and the ability to attract a large number of people could be one of the biggest reasons for growth during this year. Times of caution would be between March and August specifically between 26th March and 13th August when Saturn turns retrograde. During this time, there would be a lot of churning at work. Your aggression will be very high and you could end up rubbing people the wrong way. This trend will be further made difficult due to the presence of Mars along with Saturn and Mars itself would be in a retrograde motion between 18th April and 29th June 2016 bringing in very high aggression, high chances of fights with people in position of authority, customers and affectively a lot of people who can bring in growth and stability to your career.

Your mind could be very aggressive and that could bring in a certain amount of problems and could upset your apple cart for a few months also. The high anger, activity and growth period will eventually become more stable after August 2016 and all the efforts you have made during this time will effectively bring in some great changes at work which will bring in special progress opportunities as the year draws to a close. You will also find yourself very outgoing, willing to travel and explore new areas and all these efforts will bring in excellent growth prospects for you throughout the year. Specifically you will find that your public image and contacts in far off locations could bring in some very good growth between middle of March and middle of April. Support from superiors and people in authority will also be possible during this time.

Partnerships or extra marital unrecognized relationships would bring in distractions at work between 1st and 25th April 2016. You should remain cautious on these accounts throughout. Further you will find creative work will give you very good returns during March and mid of April. Effectively the key to success during this year would be mostly your hard work, your ability to overcome competition and literally crush it out but in this entire high aggression phase you should forget that a human angle and a human touch is always required for the long term progress. You have to learn to listen to others and co-exist. If you are able to balance the two then all the hard work and efforts of this year will give you excellent returns over the next few years in professional matters.

Gemini 2016 January Horoscope: Very good amount of progress at work / business & independent enterprise possible till 14th January 2016. Conflict in marriage matters could exist. Health, energy & stamina could dip after 14th January 2016. This could bring in hurdles & slowdown at work also after 14th January 2016. Avoid starting new projects this month.

Gemini 2016 February Horoscope: The month would begin with minor ailments on account of low immune system. Hurdles & some struggles at work would be present too till 16th February 2016. Luck will improve in the second half of the month. Possibilities if travel will build up too during this time. This is a time to think about spirituality.

Gemini 2016 March Horoscope: Religion might be on a priority now. You will find possibilities of travel for work as well as pleasure till 16th March 2016. Second half of the month is excellent for work. You will find good amount of success at work as well as support of superiors after the 16th March 2016. There will be high energy & growth towards end of the month.

Gemini 2016 April Horoscope: Very good progress at work as the month begins. You will be in control of things & excellent growth is possible till the 16th April 2016. Its a powerful period & month, so make the most of it. Income would be higher than normal in the second half of the month due to hard work of the past. Good opportunities for meeting with friends also possible after 16th April 2016.

Gemini 2016 May Horoscope: Good time for financial gains till 17th May 2016. Socially also you will do well in the first half of the month. A dip in finances as well as work progress could be felt in the second half of the month. Health & general wellbeing could become effected too after the 17th May 2016. Remain conservative towards the end of the month.

Gemini 2016 June Horoscope: Stamina & energy could be down now till 16th June 2016. Expenses could be high & chances of losses or a dip in work as well as financial position possible. An overall improvement would come after 16th June 2016. You will feel better energy, focus at work as well as resurgence in confidence & ego. Positive period towards the end of the month.

Gemini 2016 July Horoscope: Temperament would be sharp, dynamic & focused now. Be careful that you do not act in an arrogant manner or let ego come in your way till 15th July 2016. A good period for finances in the second half of the month. Ego & self-praise in speech possible after the 15th July 2016. Be careful & avoid conflicts with family towards the end of the month.

Gemini 2016 August Horoscope: Family & finances would be the focus for you as the month begins. You need to be careful about ego in speech & some facial issues. After the 15th August 2016, you will experience a rise in determination, vision & courage. Public image will rise & you will find the energy to do well & make a name. Avoid ego with siblings.

Gemini 2016 September Horoscope: Hard work, dynamism & growth would come easily for you till the 13th September 2016. Travel will bring in gains at work. You should depend on team for better progress at work. After 13th September 2016, expect growth at work due to your ability to connect with masses & people in general. A negative bias towards family possible. You will find support of people in position of authority in the second half of the month.

Gemini 2016 October Horoscope: Bad experiences with extended family possible. Do not let that spoil issues for too long. Powerful period at work till the 14th October 2016. After the 14th October 2016, ego in thinking could build up. Not an easy period for matters relating to children. A new creative idea at work could bring in growth & gains.

Gemini 2016 November Horoscope: The month could open with your mind agitated. There could be issues & some sort of conflict with regard to children. Ego could be high till 13th November 2016. A very dynamic & progressive month for work would be possible after 13th November 2016. You will be in control of things in the second half of the month.

Gemini 2016 December Horoscope: Period of hard work & progress till 14th December 2016. You will do well with the support of superiors & people in position of authority. You should be able to over competition too during this time. After 14th December 2016, some amount of ego in relationships / marriage matters & partnerships possible. A tendency to get into joint projects despite this issues in the second half of the month.

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