Grand preparations won’t soften demand for Ram mandir: Seers


If the BJP government had hoped that they would divert attention from the Ram Temple issue by hosting the Kumbh on a massive scale this year, seers collecting in Allahabad for the event say they have no plans of allowing that to happen.

Several hoardings demanding the construction of the Ram temple have sprung up across Kumbh tent city while the VHP has announced it will hold a dharam sansad on January 31 and February 1 to demand temple construction.

The massive hoardings, put up by Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj of Ramanandcharya Dakshin Peeth in Maharashtra, carry a clear missive for BJP: Construct the Ram Temple.

“ Yeshu Allah kar rahe Vatican Mecca par raj, Hinduon ka Ram phir beghar kyon hai aaj” says a hoarding.

Another says, “Tulsi tere desh mein Ram kachahari jaye, sarkaron ke beech mein mandir gota khaye”, referring to the court case.

Many seers believe that by projecting Ardhkumbh as Mahakumbh, the government is trying to deflect attention from its failure to construct the temple.

Dandi Swami Brahmashram, the national general secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Dandi Sanyasi Prabandhak Samiti, said that if BJP was unable to come up with a solution for the Ram temple, it need not contest elections this year. “We are happy that the Kumbh is being organized on such a grand scale but if BJP thinks it will benefit by politicizing the event, it is mistaken. Agar mandir nahin to sarkar nahin,” he said.

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