Kinnar Akhara steals the show at Kumbh

It was the first peshwai, or ‘Devatva Yatra’ as they preferred to call it, taken out by the Kinnar Akhara in the Prayag Kumbh on Sunday. Despite being denied recognition by the 13 main akharas, the kinnars literally stole the show with their procession, drawing the largest crowd one has ever seen at a peshwai.

The moment came for the akhara about three years after it was formed. They participated in Ujjain Kumbh last where they took out their first peshwai ever. “We don’t need certification from the akharas. We are Sanatani Hindus and demi-gods as per shastras. Despite how patriarchy has tried to keep out of the system, we are here,” she said.

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