Lakshmi, The Dynamic Potential Of Vishnu

The quest for beauty starts at the physical level. The desire for beauty evolves with man. It graduates from a concept of physical magnetism to compelling vitality to more refined zones of precise creative thought and higher intuition which can impact the world and act as a ‘game changer’.

Beauty and charismatic power are not just external. They exude from a consciousness which upholds all that preserves the sanctity of the fabric of life. This inner attribute of nurturing and protecting is followed by prosperity and power, much like a faithful spouse who follows and stands by his partner.

This is aptly illustrated in the symbolic interpretation of mythology. Vishnu, the Vedic deity, is the universal principle which nurtures and holds the cosmos together as a seamless, perfect, synchronised whole.

Vishnu’s consort is Lakshmi. Symbolically, she is shakti, the power which enables Vishnu to fulfil his arduous task of maintenance of the cosmic energy matrix so that living beings can exist and live in harmony. Lakshmi is the dynamic potential of the Consciousness of Preservation which is Vishnu.

The word Lakshmi has the same root as the word ‘lakshya’ meaning ‘goal’. Lakshmi, true to her name, is the universal goal of every human and contains the seed which blossoms into ‘Sri’ – transcendental perfection and ecstasy.

To hold and manifest the energy of Lakshmi one needs to be Vishnu – a pioneering leader, a warriorhero, a fierce protector of one’s people, a catalyst of team cohesion, an adept guide and role model to one’s followers.

A human who personifies Vishnu has illuminating wisdom, an electricity which jolts to awaken and a righteousness which incorporates largeheartedness. Much like Krishna whose name is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘krish’ which means ‘to attract’, a true leader has an irresistible charisma by virtue of his inner beauty and strength. Regardless of his country, religion or language, he is allied with divine forces for preservation of social and cosmic order and protection of the weak and deserving.

In such an individual’s life, dawns the golden splendour and richness of Mahalakshmi, representing higher knowledge born of the faculty of discriminating intellect. This facilitates all dealings with friends and adversaries to be negotiated with skilled diplomacy and a farsighted vision of ‘svasti’, the well-being of all.

A person who embodies the archetype of Sri Vishnu has a mind which has been silenced by deep meditation to reach a level of consciousness where he is not a slave of his fixed ideas, beliefs or preconceived notions. Such a chitta is clear and perceives accurately the need of the hour without allowing personal conditioning to cloud his vision and decisions.

Such a meditative mind, steadily follows the counsel of his ‘prajna’, intuitive wisdom, and the person is called a ‘sthitaprajna’ as stated in the Gita. Once such a state of equanimity is attained, he remains steadfast on the path of service, motivated by global progress rather than narrow personal concerns Such a person is a true karma yogi, who moves with single minded resolve to establish dharma, integral righteousness. He is a faithful instrument in the hands of the cosmic Divine. According to a mantra of the Rig Vedic Sri Suktam extolling Lakshmi, “The will of such a leader manifests spontaneously into reality, his speech is verily true, his environment reflects beauty and prosperity and his success has the fragrance of the grace of ‘Sri’, Vishnu’s consort and shakti.”

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