Why do meditation? Why Meditation?

Why do meditation?
Why Meditation?

Our heart is constantly working from birth to death. The heart pumps 7,000 liters of blood per day (70% of which goes to the brain and 30% to the rest of the body) and flows in blood vessels more than 70,000 km long. The heart produces as much energy every day as it needs to lift 1 ton of weight up to 42 feet.

We relax when we are tired, but if our heart rests for 4-5 minutes, we will be relieved forever.

How can the heart work better without getting tired?

The heart can work continuously because it works on the basis of discipline, DISCIPLINE. Under normal conditions, the heart contracts for 0.3 seconds, that is, it pumps and expands or relaxes for 0.5 seconds. By this calculation, one heartbeat BEAT is completed in 0.3 + 0.5 = 0.8 seconds, which means 72 beats per minute which are normal. In 0.5 seconds of rest, the impure blood enters the lungs and becomes 100% pure.

If for some reason the body needs more blood supply in less time then the heart reduces the rest time to pump more blood. In this case, if the rest is 0.4 seconds, then one heartbeat is completed in 0.7 seconds and this number goes up to 82 per minute and only 80% of the blood is purified.
If the rest time is 0.3 seconds, then only 60% of the blood is pure. This means that in such an abnormal state of urgency, 20% or 40% of the impure blood vessels are PUMPed and they cling to the impure blood vessels and the blood vessels with normally elastic elastic form become hard plastic. Over time, the blood vessels become so hard that a lump develops in the blood (previously easily removed due to the elastic nature of the artery) that clogs or blocks blood flow – a condition called a heart attack HEART ATTACK.

Considering this calculation, it can be seen that the root cause of heart disease is DEMAND which is the demand for blood from the body or the brain which is higher than normal. When the brain’s ACTIVITY STIMULATE is moving, the demand for its blood supply is much higher than normal. Only 25% to 30% of your diet is responsible for BRAIN ACTIVITY STIMULATE and 70% to 75% of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, memory are responsible.

So those who want to keep their heart healthy for a long time should protect themselves from anxiety, anger, sadness, haste and emotionally sensitive nature.

There is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions, though their effects can be curtailed. Meditation is the only permanent way to stay safe from it.


This message is scientifically True.

Give yourself an hour and keep your physical and mental health healthy.

And encourage others too.

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