Today I’m going to tell, how to identify thyroid problems? how to understand the indication that one is suffering from it? and how to cure it?

I’ll tell about it today with the kind of modernization happening the lifestyle change occurring stress is increasing diet control is losing its way earlier people used to do yoga first after getting up in the morning people do try it now but the current lifestyle is very stressful because of which an illness has entered in our lives and that is thyroid problems.

So there is a thyroid gland right here like here men wear ties so a knot is made here similarly like that there is a gland here inside the neck so from this gland juice is excreted from there it’s like a chemical a hormone this hormone helps within our in various activities like body’s growth body’s metabolism.

I will tell in detail as to what work it does but today’s discussion since this topic is very vast that’s why I thought I’ll tell about it in different episodes so about how to cure this that is what could be the initial treatments in thyroid problems I will discuss that today be it hypothyroid or be it hyperthyroid hyper means to increase hypo means to decrease so who and all are suffering from any of these thyroid problems.

You need not get anxious because people start getting very scared due to this thinking that now I have thyroid now I will have to eat medicines for the whole life it’s not like this if we mould ourselves in yogic tradition if we take help of naturopathy if we turn towards the betterment of life then no energy can stop us from getting out of this problem just trash out these thoughts from your mind that now.

I just cannot be fully cured though women and girls suffer from this problem more than men because in their life stress is more than comparison to men as they leave their house and enter a new home after marriage they experience a lot of changes or they go through hormonal imbalance during periods or when menopause happens then also or when the period starts then also they suffer changes within their body or they have more chances of getting hormonal imbalance that’s why they are more prone to thyroid be it hyperthyroid or hypothyroid meaning to say whether the thyroid is increasing or decreasing what cure has to be done a to z.

I will tell you all but in separate episodes today I would be highlighting naturopathy importance in the cure of thyroid in the next episode I will give you information about yoga-related things then after that episode I will tell you about diet and about lifestyles how to maintain it next to that episode I will tell about uh even after these if some problem still prevails then how with the help of Ayurveda how it can be cured and it can be solved then after that episode.

I’ll tell you that how you should leave allopathy medicine slowly suddenly you should not leave it when you are using the naturopathy or Ayurveda then from the first day itself hormone won’t start developing you will have to take pills along the time how you should leave it and what is this thyroid actually what is the scientific study about it.

I’ll tell about that so in these five episodes, I present to you the ultimate solution to the thyroid problem it will be a permanent solution for this problem after all these episodes I will present to you people’s reaction their experience from them only I’ll show their recorded videos where they will be telling how their thyroid problem got resolved by following these steps I am not spreading any rumours many people say that you are doing wrong how can you say to leave allopathy medicine and with ayurvedic medicine they will get absolutely cured don’t do like this let me clear one thing.

I never asked to leave the medicine at one go if you are taking any allopathic medicine on which life is based on that should not be left immediately do keep taking them and start leaving it slowly. I’ll make you understand this in future today.

I’ll start with a small naturopathy step how with the help of natural things around you could cure your thyroid problem so let’s understand the first thing in the morning when you are free with all your work which you do in the morning after taking your breakfast.

Approximately after two hours minimum, two hours gap should be there or it is done before in taking your breakfast take this big utensil to take hot water in it boiling hot water and then take a second utensil this size put ice cube along with water one side water should be very hot and other side water should be extremely cold now take a muslin cloth or take a crepe bandage which you bandage around when you get a little hurt cut it into equal parts it should be a little thick so fold it or take a towel in which one you dip it in cold water and the other you put it in the hot water.

Now what you have to do so the hot water should be boiling hot but not so much hot that it burns your skin so dip the towel in the hot water take it out and squeeze it a little moisture should be in it and then put that on the neck like this from front to your back from here where the thyroid gland is there here to back hold it by your hand and keep this towel for two to two and a half minutes count it or see a clock and during that time let the other towel in the cold water utensil could be of any material.

If you will keep any metal vessel then it will cool the hot water very fast and it will warm up the cold water fast so keep some other material utensils like porcelain or glass that will be okay.

So after two and a half minutes take the towel off and put it back in the vessel then squeeze the towel off the cold water and put that on and you will keep this for 60 to 75 seconds if you have kept the hot water for two minutes then one-minute cold one and if you have kept for two and a half minutes then 75 seconds for cold one just maintain this difference.

So keep the cold towel till the time when you feel your neck has gone cold many a time a neck does not gets cold so you can take off the towel before one minute and dip it back in the cold water place it again then keep back the towel in the cold water and again put the hot one like this put it for two minutes then again put the cold one so like this you have to keep putting hot and cold that is hot and cold hot and cold hot and cold this three-set you have to do.

And if it is hot outside then you have to end it with the cold and if it is winter season then, in the end, you could put the cold back and end it see when you put the hot pack first time it will be very hot but the second time it will not be so hot so you could keep nearby a hot water container and you could pour from that the hot water to this cooled off the utensil.

And it could again become very hot idea is that second time water should be hotter than the first one and third time it should be hotter than the second time here so you have to do these three set this is called alternate hydrotherapy means the treatment with the water.

So this water treatment is very safe to do it in morning-evening two times a day it takes few weeks few months this thyroid gland starts working normally without any medicine without running here and there it is important to do yoga and have to take care of diet also but by this treatment you will surely get relief second thing I’ll tell you if you are unable to do this treatment for two times a day then you could do for one time a day like in the morning before breakfast after taking bath not before because bath happens with normal temperature water.

So do after taking bath before taking breakfast or do it after two hours of taking your breakfast people to ask that after this treatment can we eat or not you can eat after 20 to 25 minutes other than this what you could do it in morning-evening two times or could do one time a day if there is a death of free time if you do it two times it will be better do it as per your understanding and your requirement if it is an old thyroid then do it for two times so this will start benefiting in seven to 15 days in three to four months it will start showing up before three to four months it should not be left.

Also, it is naturopathy and naturopathy yoga Ayurveda it does take a little more time but it provides a permanent solution then what has to be done in the afternoon you have to put mud back here how to put mud back you have to take the mud which water use for making pot right before making the pots they make the mud ball and keep it which does not have pebbles or other ingredients because they have strained it properly and kept it wet for two days and then they make the mud balls.

So use that with that mud make a thick layer like a fat bread like that make a broad and thick bread-like layer put that on your neck and wrap a handkerchief on top of that so put this mud pack in the afternoon put this before lunch or after one and a half to two hours after lunch so if you do lunch by two then you could do this by four o’clock though it is a little hectic work to collect this and that just keep doing and silently prepare things beforehand and include it in your routine just keep this mud after 45 minutes don’t use the same mud once again for your neck you could put that mud in your house plant pot or mix it with the soil but don’t use it again.

This you have to do daily in the afternoon you could do this one hour after the lunch that will be okay under naturopathy would be cut one red onion easily available in all the kitchens cut that onion from the centre you want to peel off the skin you can otherwise you could leave it on cutting from between will give you two parts now on those two parts keep hitting the knife on it due to this hit it’ll become rough and little water will start oozing out then what you have to do in the night before sleeping just before going to bed taking one or both the parts take only small onion don’t waste also

So even if you take the half piece daily if you rub it like this so in this place see I’m showing you this here you have to rub around for 10 minutes, so without wiping it off without washing you will so get up in the morning and take bath it will be very beneficial rubbing here might bring some dryness here so you could put coconut oil in the morning could massage it like this.

So that there is no dryness here so with these three treatments with naturopathy then within few weeks only nothing will happen suddenly many give false claim I don’t do that don’t take me wrongly I am just the carrier of yoga, Ayurveda and sage’s knowledge I am not doing things to get popularity or to market myself I am doing all this to help you I get immense satisfaction with this I view this almighty blessing and I try to serve to all so do not take this with any wrong meaning to it so do understand it’s science some will take less time some will take more time if after doing all this and you have any shortcomings with its benefits.

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