Suicide Case Study in Medical words – Why Some People More Likely to do Suicide & Its Solution?

Why do people commit suicide this question is currently quite in discussion everyone wants to find out the answer for this question I want to give my reaction on this issue in very calculated words and in a scientific way.

I would try to tell you as to why it happens and in future, nobody reaches to this stage what we could do for that and if someone does it or it has been committed before for that person what condolence we should have within what should be the reaction what we could say or talk about that person we will discuss it today first of all.

I’ll tell you that sometimes at few junctions of life everyone would have felt or would surely happen what that nobody is mine, all relations are false nature I lost, I have lost all, I’m broken, nothing has left with me my life, is shattered why is it so two things are there in mind in our mind suddenly accidentally or due to some sudden occurrence some state or situation comes that a special type of chemical starts getting produced a lot inside actually.

Today you’re feeling good you’re happy then know this that in your brain that happy related hormones or chemicals are more today you are very sad then know this that in your brains that sad chemicals are in large quantity so in a way we could see like this is a kind of attack of the negative chemicals on our brain which can happen with anybody and why does this happen because humans you.

And I normal human beings mostly are attached with the worldly things are joined with it we get so connected with it that we start feeling that without this there is no life of mine that’s why our sages and our teachers from the beginning when a student wants to get knowledge from them, they dip them in such austerity mould them in such a life that they are able to live with everything in their life.

And they are able to live without them too and with whom there is no knowledge and blessings of teachers they don’t have their guidance same people take these steps from others even if you snatch from them anything it will not matter to them they will survive people who are very connected with worldly things some are very connected some in some other relation or a thing some get so connected with their reputation they are just not able to think anything else and this condition may god not that it comes with someone it starts feeling as though they are in darkness all around nothing is left.


I hope no one experience such situation this is like an attack of negative chemicals on the brain who understands it medically will have sympathy with this thing that okay hope nobody experiences but if someone does like nowadays this topic is matter of discussion because you know you have seen that in our country one Bollywood star did that and earlier also many had done it especially you would have seen who have lot of things to lose they only do it who do not have anything to lose they do not do it because they have already experienced that thing well I’ll not go in detail with it but many people gave reaction that this person who has done suicide will go to hell it is written in text god will never forgive him will never be able to get space near him


and I tell you and I on that Bollywood star on his taking this step that he did suicide so since I knew the medical aspect of it I also had the clarity on the emotional concept as to why people do it so within me natural sympathy aroused for that person it’s not that I see his movies or his fan or something many people left comments also that you are very attached with him people like you should be connected to culture how you are getting connected with these people they also don’t know they are also innocent they are giving their opinions but I knew about it so sympathy aroused within me


and I said about it that in the world no one can fulfil anyone emptiness even though there are millions and millions of people still everyone is unique in themselves with this I wanted to tell that we feel the pain on anyone leaving in this all comes but some people did not understand my indication and they started saying that when soldiers die do you give one or two posts on them too then I want to tell you that for the soldiers I keep posting you also take out some time instead of giving wasteful post view those videos also I’m not telling you to hurt you


I want to say that I’m aware whatever I’m doing I’m doing wisely and responsibly and if before judging me do a little analysis for yourself too the things on which you are commenting have you got the full knowledge about those things you said it that the person who has committed suicide that he will get the help that God will never forgive you should know it people


whoever has stayed with the teacher and assimilated knowledge and learnings from them. They will never say these words these will be said who have just read the text of course in the text these things are written but for whom it is written who are living those who are alive to tell them it is written who have already gone from this world will you write under his photo you will never get space near god, god will never forgive you this is crime you will never say this


if you have little conscious within yourself who has left us what to condemn him these are for those who are living that if you will commit suicide god will not forgive you who just did it or imagine that incidence has happened for them about them when you tell, you don’t talk like this it is disgraceful for them, we have to say of course we know that suicide is not right but he she did it for them we have to say that god please give them space near your prayers can you can do it for anyone


and I was telling to you that medically that this is a different chemical attack on the mind and pray that no one faced this kind of circumstance in their life and if it comes what to be done in your life I will give you two tips just imbibe it within one be in this world but do not let the world inside your mind boat looks good when it is floating on the water but if water comes inside the boat then it will drown it for sure its symptoms shows clearly in front of us if someone like this roams we get to know that person is on the same way we identify it then and there but in present time with this social media we are only connected with that and what is happening in my next room


I don’t know that’s why to try to erase this distance a little bit even though if you’re not able to raise this distance then I’m going to give you the pending second step and it reduces your distance with almighty that’s it this is the only permanent solution for this when going in detail I could give you 500 trips you are all the more intellectual than me you can give 10 000 tips without any doubt everyone is good but what two tips I have given you it cannot be over and above those two tips.


yes, I presented my opinion in my style but you also have the right to speak out your opinion what is your reaction what do you think do tell it in the comment section and if due to my words if anyone feeling would have got hurt then pardon me, I hope you would have got clarity with my description today that’s it for today namaskaram

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