What did Aristotle say about the Earth and its motion?

Mind philosophy discusses the insights from some of the greatest thinkers over time it will also demonstrate how their wisdom can be applied against the complexities and challenges we face in modern society it’s how philosophy can be used as a vehicle to produce a better version of who we are and how we interact within ourselves and each other the same tracks therefore of the earth are not some always see and others always continents but everything changes in the course of time.

Aristotle famously states that life is movement there is though a deeper connotation to his words about movement and its importance to not just our physical world but also our mental sense of being even while we as humans become deeply indebted into our routines and we may feel that nothing ever changes in our lives there is there are constant among all of this that in order to survive we must always keep moving for aristotle each movement has a notion of potentiality to actuality it can be a life goal or simply deciding to get ourselves out of bed each day and our potentiality is realized through movement and only through repetition that we become masters of our movements we can understand much about movement through nature natural objects share the same motive towards actuality as we do as humans .

With nature though its movement is not always realized now earth spins on its axis lands will drift slowly so our sense of movement becomes so natural that we feel discomfort when we become stationary for too long yet for where there is movement there must be change.

As time never fails any universe is eternal neither it’s an a nor the ireland can have flowed forever yet change does not just evolve in nature there is an ultimate sense of change in everything we know of in life stock and property markets will prosper and then perish economies and businesses will thrive and fail governments will reign and then be forced to resign put simply we are born and then we die nothing and no one can reign in abundance forever there is a contradiction in aristotle’s theories of movement as indeed all movement is born from the cause and effect of another there is also what he calls a prime mover that is completely stationary responsible for setting all things in motion although aristotle’s god is very different to what we know of in christianity there is no doubt an element of a deity figure perhaps in a modern practical world the concept of a prime mover figure can exist in many factors that we may not realize.

It can be a flame that a moth is drawn to the allure of beauty that attracts us into submission in the arts and social media it can even be an authority or power whether through our will or obedience that we are compelled towards what we can now appreciate from aristotle’s philosophy is that life is movement and time is a measurement of movement movement is essential to our prosperity from the discovery of our potentiality to an actuality we choose in life no matter whether our goals are as grand as to fly into outer space or to simply attend to the responsibilities of ourselves family and community it is a motion of our bodies that is critical for the health of our minds it is a motion of our minds that fulfills reason in each of its movements is critical for our survival thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video please press the like button and subscribe to the mind philosophy channel share your comments so I can make more videos with content you want to see a new video is uploaded each wednesday so we’ll see you again on our next journey.

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