The ultimate way to clean your toilet by Washing Powder!

The reason for this are surfactants, the most important components of detergent.
Because these cause the dissolving of dirt and deposits.
The water softener contained in the detergent also removes limescale and urine scale.
To benefit from this, you should pour about half a cup of detergent for white laundry
into your toilet.

That is, you distribute it once nicely in your toilet.
You can also flush beforehand, because then the whole thing is a bit moistened and the
washing powder sticks much easier in the toilet.
If you have now distributed everything once in your toilet bowl, then you have to wait
only about 15 to 20 minutes in this time, the whole thing can act and develop the full
cleaning power.
In addition to the ingredients just mentioned, which ensure that the toilet here is really
nice clean, the antibacterial bleach also helps us, which we also find in washing powder.
Because this also benefits the toilet once.
If the 15-20 minutes are over, you must scrub the whole thing only once again well with
the toilet brush.
Brush everything really nice in all corners and also a bit under the edge if that is possible.
After that, you only have to flush once and you have cleaned your toilet with conventional
washing powder.
After that, everything is sparkling clean again and all the dirt is gone.
You can do the whole thing regularly instead of using toilet cleaner or it would also be
an option, for example, if the toilet cleaner is empty.
Then you can also simply reach for the washing powder, because you certainly still have some
in the house.
Feel free to write me in the comments if it worked for you too.

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