These Names Of Children Written In Vedas Are Very Special, Will Always Give Progress In Life

Every person names his children very thoughtfully. Whenever it comes to naming children, names derived from God or Vedas and Puranas are searched for. Let us know some such names and their meanings today.

Baby Name: When a small child arrives in the house, the whole family along with the parents starts preparing to welcome them. Where the whole house gets excited with the arrival of the little bundle of joy, on the other hand the thought goes on in everyone’s mind as to what name they should give to their children. Everyone wants that they should give such a name to their children, which will inculcate good values ​​in them. This is the reason why most of the people are inclined towards God or the name given in Veda Puranas.

It is said that his name has a great effect on the children. In such a situation, there are some names related to ancient times and traditions which, if given to children, have a deep impact on their personality and they become great personality in future. We name children according to the rules and regulations, but if you are not able to think what name should be given to your child, then we tell you some names given in Vedas and Puranas and their meanings.

Girl names

Adira अदिरा
This is a very beautiful and beautiful name and its meaning is even more beautiful. People who are strong and face every situation of life boldly and achieve a lot of success are called Adira.

Ahana अहाना
This is a very wonderful and interesting name to give to a baby girl. The first rays of the Sun that emerge are called Ahana. People with this name always remain energetic like the rays of the sun.

charvi चार्वी
This is a very beautiful name and its meaning is beautiful and beautiful. This will prove to be a very unique and best name for girls.

Kashvi कश्वी
If you want to give some unique name to your little angel then this is going to be the best. This name means shine which means that your daughter will always shine in every field.

Boys names

Divij दिविज
This is a very wonderful and unique name. This name means born in heaven, that is, people who are born in heaven are called by this name.

विहान – Vihan – in the morning
Vihaan is a fantastic and interesting name and it means morning. If you give this name to your children, they will always remain like a morning full of light and hope.

Yuvan युवान
This is a very interesting and trading name and it will also be different from other children. Devadhidev Mahadev is called by this name.

Bhavin भविन
This is a very beautiful name which is going to give the best personality to your child. Bhavin speaks of those people who achieve victory in every field and whose existence continues forever.

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