How can I become more Spiritual?

How can I become more Spiritual

Life is a journey, and just like travelers, some of us prefer a leisurely stroll through the scenic route, while others thrive on the adrenaline rush of the fast lane. When it comes to one’s spiritual journey, the choice of pace is a deeply personal one. But how can we navigate this profound path in a way that truly resonates with our inner selves? The Masters of India offer us profound insights into the nature of karma and the cycles that shape our lives.

According to the Masters of India, the intricate web of our karmic journey is a central facet of our existence. It is not just a one-time affair that unfolds from one lifetime to the next; it is far more complex and intriguing. If we observe our lives with a keen eye, we’ll notice that events and circumstances tend to repeat themselves in cycles that span approximately one and a half to two years. Zooming in further, we can see these patterns recurring within the span of a single year. In fact, when we pay meticulous attention, we’ll recognize that within a single day, these very cycles repeat themselves numerous times.

This revelation prompts us to consider the nature of our existence more deeply. When we recognize that our life is a relentless repetition, an endless loop in which we find ourselves repeating the same patterns every 40 minutes, it becomes evident that this is not a desirable state. It’s akin to being stuck in a monotonous loop where our actions and reactions follow a predictable pattern. However, the significance of this realization grows even more profound when we realize that some individuals may only reflect on this cycle once every twelve years, and for others, it might take even longer, spanning two to two-and-a-half decades, before they grasp the futility of these repetitious cycles. If, unfortunately, one acknowledges this cyclic nature only once in a lifetime, it can take a significant portion of their years to recognize the pointlessness of this repetitive existence.

In light of this understanding, it is apparent that most individuals are better served by considering the alternative paths available to them. These paths involve consciously choosing to engage in actions and practices that align with their inner calling and purpose. When one’s spiritual journey is guided by the principles of wisdom and self-awareness, they become attuned to their inner compass and find solace in a profound connection with the universe.

Karma, in its essence, operates on cycles that repeat every 40 minutes, known as “Galiye” in the Kannada language. This periodicity allows individuals to break free from the monotony of their karmic loops and make conscious choices that steer them toward higher spiritual planes. By recognizing the opportunity to break free from these cycles at regular intervals, one can work on transforming their life into a more meaningful and purposeful journey.

In conclusion, the path of one’s spiritual journey is deeply personal and unique. Some may prefer a slower, more contemplative pace, while others thrive on the fast track. The key lies in understanding the repetitive nature of our karma and seizing the opportunity to break free from its cycles every 40 minutes. By doing so, we can align our actions and choices with our inner purpose and navigate a more meaningful and transformative spiritual journey, breaking free from the endless loops that define our existence.

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