GHOST – Bhoot

Just by talking about ghosts, people easily picturize the deadly look of ghosts and fear surrounds. In our day-to-day lives we keep hearing about ghosts, their stories, etc. Some people even claim to have seen ghosts. And there are some who consider ghosts to be a rumor.

There are many ghost-related beliefs/rumors that are still prevalent in our society. Ghosts are mentioned in almost every religion of the world.

1] In almost every religious text, there is a mention about ghosts/spirits. The question then arises that if there are ghosts really than why can’t people see them or why only a few can see them? According to religious scriptures, a human body is made up of five elements – earth, water, air, sky and fire. In a human body the amount of earth is maximum as compared to other elements, which is why a human is visible.

While in ghosts, the element of air is maximum and since it is not possible to see air, ghosts are not visible.

2] According to the Scriptures, ghost (Bhoot) means the past. In other words, the time or phase between a human body’s death and when the new baby is born is called ghost time. This is because the spirits of people stay stuck here with no body.

3] The soul of a body after the body’s death till the time it’s cremated, the state of the soul is called Pret.

4] After a human’s death, when the body is cremated, the soul is not free. To free the souls, one keeps doing shradh and other rituals in memory of the gone ones. When this ceremony is missed, souls don’t get free and keeps roaming around.

5] Ghosts lives in dark and silent areas, generally away from human habitats. They reside in empty houses, trees, broken forts, etc.

6] We often hear that there is an effect of ghosts on someone. Not everyone gets captured by ghosts. Those on who ghosts stick have certain yogs in their kundali. Also, those people who have moon in the lower position of their kundali, these people are mostly affected by ghosts.

7] A person whose body has been captured by a ghost, his eyes appears to be red, stable and half-opened always. Body temperature is higher than normal. His nature is full of anger, stubbornness and aggression. He always smells of sweat.

8] There are many energies that surround us always, but we can’t see them. These invisible powers are either negative or positive. Only a few people are able to see or feel them.

9] According to astrology, every human is divided into three qualities – Manushya Gan, Dev Gan and Rakshas Gan.

10] People of Manushya and Dev Gana are similar. And people with Rakshas Gan are different and possess a quality through which they can immediately identify any negative energy floating around. These people are bold and are not afraid of any situation.

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