Career Setback – vedic horoscope

Career Setback, when fully operational in a vedic horoscope, comes in frequent phases; thereby weakening the personal and financial strength of the person in continuous cycles.  Career setbacks should actually be analyzed in respect of specific period of time; as against one or two events.  If you are experiencing a continuous phase of time, when most of your endeavors being made for professional and financial betterment are either cease to take place or get obstructed in between or failed to give any fruitful results; you better be alarmed as it may be the very initial phase of career setback.



In this vedic horoscope, the Mars is conjunct with Sun in seventh house; and also having its aspect over tenth, first and second houses of lagna chart.  Exalted Jupiter in second house is also under influence of Mars.  Ketu occupies ninth house and ninth lord Saturn is united with Rahu in third house.  The native approached for astrology guidance on career and marriage during last phase of Jupiter/Venus bhukti.  He should be very careful in his professional matters and also advised to postpone his marriage till completion of Sun antardasa.  Notice that both Jupiter and Sun are under malefic influence of Mars, which is significantly inauspicious planet for Gemini Ascendant people. However, the native may not make up his mind in accordance and would go for marriage and kept making strong endeavors for professional betterment.  Unfortunately, soon after start of Jupiter/Sun period,  the inauspicious impact of Mars started showing its results. first, his father expired just a month before his marriage – and spoiling the overall charm of the marriage.  Thereafter, a continuous series of professional problems started surfacing in his life and ended up with loss of job within a very short notice of two months.

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