Meaning of Hanuman Chalisa in English

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.. हनुमान चालीसा – अर्थ ..
With the dust of Guru’s lotus feet, I fiirst clean the mirror of my heart
and then narrrate the sacred glory of Sri Ramachandra,
the supreme among the Raghu dynasty,
the giver of four fold attainments of life.
(The fourfold attainments are Kama, Artha,
Dharma, Moksha i.e. pleasure, wealth, religious-merit and salvation.)

Knowing myself to be ignorant, I urge you, O Hanuman, the
son of Pavan (wind god)! O Lord! Bestow on me strength, wisdom and
knowledge, taking away all my miseries and blemishes.
Victory to Thee, O Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and virtue, victory to the Lord
of monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds.

You, the messenger of Ram and repository of immeasurable strength, are also
known as Anjaniputra (son of Anjani) and Pavanaputra.

Mighty, powerful and strong, as lightning, O Mahaveer, you being the
companion of wisdom, dispel dark and evil thoughts.

O! golden hued Hanuman, you look beautiful with ear-studs and curly hair.

You hold the mace of lightning and a flag in your hands with the sacred thread
of Munja grass adorning your shoulder.

Reincarnation of Lord Shankar and the son of Kesari, your lustre and glory
is praised by the whole world.

The master of all knowledge, full of virtue and wisdom, you are always
eager to serve Lord Ram.

Immersed in listening to hymns on Lord, in your cherished heart do, Ram,
Laxman, and Sita dwell.

While you presented your humble form to Mother Sita,
you assumed demonic size and burnt the city of Lanka.

In your colossal manifestation, you killed the demons, fulfilling
your Lord’s mission.

You revived Laxman with the Sanjivani (nectarine herb, said to revive
the dead) you brought and Sri Ramachandra embraced you in deep joy.

Sri Ramachandra said you were as dear as his brother Bharat and praised
you highly.

The lord of Lakshmi (Sri Ram) embraced you saying that Sheshanaga (the thousand
hooded divine serpant carrying earth’s weight on his hoods)
sings your glory.

Not only Sheshanaga but also Sanaka, Brahma (the creator of the universe) and
other gods, Narad, Sharada (the goddess of knowledge) and other sages
eternally sing your praise.

What to speak of poet and seers!, even Yama (the god of death), Kuber
(the god of wealth), and Digpal (the god(s) of directions) have no
words to praise your glory.

You helped Sugriva (brother of Vali who with the help of Rama was crowned
as king of Kishkindha)
win back his crown with the blessings of Rama.

Vibhishana (brother of Ravana, crowned as king of Lanka after Ravana’s
death), accepting your counsel, became the king of Lanka, is known
throughout the world.

You swallowed the sun, millions of miles away, taking it to be a
sweet fruit.

Keeping the Lord’s ring in your mouth, you conquered the mighty ocean (in
search of Sita.)

With your grace all the impediments and the difficulties in the world
can be overcome easily.

No one can enter Rama’s abode without your consent, O sentinel of the Lord.

By your grace, one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have
any fear under your protection.

When you roar, all the three worlds tremble, and only you can control
your might.

Evil spirits cannot come near your devotees, Lord Mahaveer, who chants your

Chanting your name constantly, O Hanuman, one can be
cured of all disease and pains.

Hanuman keeps one, who has him in his heart, deed, word and meditation,
free from all troubles.

The ascetic king Sri Ram is the ruler of all and you even
accomplished all his missions.

Whoever comes to you for fulfilment of any desire, achieves great fruition in
his life.

Your glory is acclaimed in four Yugas (satayug, dvapar, treta, and kalyug)
and your radiance is spread all over the cosmos.

Sri Ram has great affection for you, O Mahaveer, the
decapitator of evil spirits and protector of saints.

You are blessed by mother Janaki (Sita) to grant anyone with any of
eight siddhis and nine nidhis.

You, with the ambrocia that is Ram, are always in the service
of Lord Raghupati (king of Raghu dynasty i.e. Ram.)

One can reach Ram chanting your name and become free from sufferings of
many lives.

After death, he enters the eternal abode (Vaikunth) of Sri Ram and remains
a devotee of him, whenever, taking a new birth on earth.

Other gods may not care to take heed, but one
who serves you, O Hanuman, enjoys all pleasures.

Sri Hanuman, the mighty God, remove all the problems and pains of
those who invoke you.

Hail, thee Hanuman, be as compassionate to me as my Supreme teacher.

He who chants this prayer a hundred times, is liberated from earthly bondage
and enjoys the highest bliss.

He who reads these forty verses as, Lord Shankar witnesses, overcome all

Tulsidas (writer of these verses) is an eternal devotee of Lord Hari.
O Hanuman, kindly reside in my heart forever.


O Sri Hanuman, the son of Pavana, savior, the embodiment of blessings,
reside in my heart together with Sri Ram, Laxman, and Sita.
Sri Hanuman chalisa is full of devotion, sacrifice and dedication.
To achieve any objective and in times of distress one goes in the
shelter of Hanuman — “Ram-Bhakta”.

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